A businesswoman asked Cuitláhuac for support so that IVD would pay her 4 million debt left by Paco Bravo.

Boca del Río, Ver.- Former professional soccer player, Francisco Bravo Bravo, He left a debt to the Veracruzano Sport Institute (IVD) of 4 million pesos, when he served as assistant director of administration in 2019.

Mrs. María Otilia Serrano Zamora said that on that occasion she almost sold them 900 tickets for athletes who would attend the Olympics and other sporting events; He even said they asked him for a plane ticket for an influential lawyer who would travel to New York courtesy of the Veracruz Sports Institute.

« Debt left by Francisco Bravo from the Olympic Games, which when María Fernanda Alonso took over their property they did not want to recognize my debt, to say that it is not in the system, when I bring all the support of the flyers that have been given, I have searched in all cases and I have not received any answer, I have already sent this case to the court (… ) even, in that order, they asked me for a ticket in the name of the influential lawyer, that I was going to New York on behalf of the organization, what catches my attention is that when I go to ask for payment of the debt, they deny me everything, except the ticket, minus the ticket forThe lawyer, and it was paid to me from the account of the lawyer María Fernanda Alonso,” said the person.

This Tuesday, September 20, is the business woman María Otilia Serrano Zamora attended the rededication of the headquarters building of the Office of the Minister of the Environment (PMA) and the Veracruz Sports Institute (IVD), where she addressed Governor Cuitláhuac García. Jiménez, in order to express his complaint, the president told him that he was very interested in his case and asked those who supported him to arrange an appointment for him.

“What is he going to do to me, that he is very interested in this (…) yes, I put business, by the way, when was the pandemic, in Citizen Attention, where did I send this whole folder, where is it obvious, there which you can’t say they don’t owe me this, when the agency’s requirements are there, where andThere are the flyers (…) the current government says that Francisco Bravo did not leave anything recognized in my account, but in the delivery reception there is a recognized part of my debt, not everything,” he added.

Finally, the affected business woman said that she will continue the legal process and hopes that the Governor Cuitláhuac García Jiménez will give her the necessary support so that the debt they owe her can be settled.

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