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On April 3, American Movie Dinner was born in Jerez, a bar in the purest Planet Hollywood style that aims to offer diners an immersive and different experience.

And of course, get access to the premises at the same time Emperor’s summer of Star Wars or in line with The Avengers in the background is something that can only happen in this place located at Plaza Aníbal González nº 15, on the site of the old Capri restaurant, next to the train station.

Iván Bazán is the owner of this company that has fallen on its feet in Jerez. “In the short time we’ve been open, we’ve had an incredible response from our customers,” says the 32-year-old Jerez native.

Iván Bazán is the owner of American Movie Dinner. MANU GARCIA

His big dream for many years was to open his own fast food business and give it an American touch. However, “like so many things, you leave it and eventually you don’t get it going”.

It wasn’t until the outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis that Iván opened his eyes. “Then I realized that in an instant you can go from having everything to having nothing and I decided not to put it off any longer,” he says.

Thus, this young man who had worked for 16 years at Dinner in El Puerto embarked on a business adventure by renting the premises of the old Capri Restaurant. Once there, “everything was upside down. There were holes in the bar and we had to change everything.”

The walls of the two rooms are decorated with articles from movies and series. MANU GARCIA

But the effort was worth it because everything went as expected. “We have managed to do everything as we had imagined,” says the local hotel manager. In addition, the response of the public has been unparalleled, as in a very short time it has been possible to acquire a permanent group of customers.

And the fact is, as he explains, “in the beginning fewer people came, as is logical, but we realized that those who came would repeat and bring more people who in turn returned with other companies. Word of mouth worked like and scandal and With three months of life, it’s crazy to have customers who repeat two and three times a week.”

In fact, his business is located a few meters from the restaurant Marruzella, which, despite being well established, is not stealing all the customers. “Even some waiters from Marruzella usually come to eat here on their days off. I had no idea and when they told me I was surprised,” he admits.

In a very short time they have acquired a regular customer. MANU GARCIA

Moreover, Iván knew perfectly well how to quickly establish himself among the people of Jerez. “As a young person, I manage myself on social media and realize its importance. This is the advertising of the future and I have put a lot of effort into keeping our Instagram and Facebook accounts active and it has worked because we already have thousands of followers and friends,” he says. In fact, through these accounts, the restaurant carries out different proposals to attract customers who “achieve great results.”

This local entrepreneur has been very quick and on point with his business decisions. For example, in a very short time it has already managed to work with Glovo, Just Eat, Uber and with the Jerez delivery platform Mimandao. “About 60% of our profit comes from home delivery,” he says.

But what is an American Movie Dinner? In the words of Iván “it is a corner where you can come with family and friends where you will find good food and a very elaborate and special atmosphere”.

Music from series and movies is part of the setting. MANU GARCIA

Because the two rooms they have are decorated with items from great movies and series like ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Breaking Bad’ or ‘Star Wars’ among others. “A lot of what’s exposed I’ve brought from home because I’m a real freak in this world and other things we’ve bought or even had made,” he says. As a curiosity, they still haven’t got a replica of the championship belt Sylvester Stallone used in Rocky.

But the setting is not only the decoration but also the music. In a typical 1980s late-night coffee shop radio, the greatest hits of the moment in the United States are played mixed with the soundtracks of the series and films that have marked time around the world.

Even the menu is made to merge with the business concept, playing with the fonts of The Simpsons or Harry Potter among other series and movies so that even deciding what to eat is something special.

The hamburger is the star dish of the house. MANU GARCIA

And speaking of eating, the American Movie Dinner offer is very varied. They operate in the fast food style and offer burgers, sandwiches, sandwiches, Mexican food, pizzas – named after characters from ‘Game of Thrones’ – and other types of fried food. “Even if you come in line several times every day, you can eat something different here,” says Iván.

Specifically, the burgers are the most popular dish. “People love the way we make them. They’re big and tasty and they really enjoy eating them,” he says. For him, “when it comes to serving a hamburger, it’s better to use two layers of meat rather than just one really big one, because in the end it’s harder to do well.”

Currently, they have eight different types of burgers and use four different meats to put them together. The most famous is the Bella Ciao, made with beef, tomatoes, onions, double bacon, double cheese and bacon sauce. In addition, you can order them individually or in menus together with a drink and potatoes with meat and cheese.

Bella Ciao is the most consumed. MANU GARCIA
They offer pizzas, sandwiches, Mexican food or fried food along with other fast food dishes. MANU GARCIA
All products are affordable. MANU GARCIA

Regarding the price, the young man from Jerez assures that “we have looked for the most economical price. We do not consider ourselves expensive or cheap, but economical”. Iván is right, one of the successes of his companies is that “people can afford to come here, so they are encouraged to repeat”. Hamburgers, for example, have a maximum price of €8.50, and apart from pizzas, none of the items on the menu exceed €10.

Undoubtedly, the experience offered by the American Movie Dinner in Jerez is unique and has been universally recognized. Iván Bazán is very satisfied with the initial reception, but admits that “we still don’t know what the winter is like, so we have to be prepared for what might happen.” In any case, Jerez already has its own “movie” bar which a more than promising future is predicted.

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