Alberto Fernandez in New York: “What happened to Cristina is the result of hatred” | NewsNet

As part of its being in the city New Yorkwhere he will speak at the United Nations General Assembly, Alberto Fernandez lectured on The new school university.

There he spoke on “Global Challenges: A Latin American Perspective.” In his speech, the President pointed out: “You see how the stubborn rights take place in Europe. There is no problem with democratic rights, but rights promote hatred and violence They should have no place in the world we live in.”

In addition, he indicated that “desperation is sowing hatred, violence, old fascisms that are reappearing in the world”. In that line he added: “What happened to Cristina is the result of this hatred and denying it does us no good.”

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On the other hand, the president spoke about the global consequences of the pandemic. “We are survivors of a pandemic, one of the greatest tragedies in human memory. We have a moral obligation and a moral obligation build something different. The global financial system distributes wealth to the few and poverty to the millions,” he said.

And he warned: “It is not possible for us to continue to issue special drawing rights so that they remain in the coffers of the powerful, because we continue to make the rich richer. We have to change. The world gave us a warning.” In that sense, he called for “building a new balance and a just international system.”

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Regarding consequences of the war in Ukrainesaid the head of state: “They are sowing.” famine in the southern hemisphere. This is a war that affects the entire world globally. The voice of South America must be present. It is very possible that South America has a chance in this war, because it needs to produce food and energy.”

Finally, he said: “In the north missiles fly, in the south hunger is spread.” How long are we going to put up with this injustice? We have to say enough. We hit rock bottom with the pandemic. Enough”.

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