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The NotiCentro team is already in New York for the Clemente Day celebration today, with the Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Mets game.

Kefrén Velázquez reports live from the Big Apple from today’s events to celebrate our Roberto Clemente. See the video attached to this comment.

Wapa Deportes and NotiCentro celebrate and honor Clemente’s life

This week will be very exciting for all Puerto Ricans, especially sports fans. At WAPA Television and Wapa Deportes, we’re ready to bring the action to the forefront. Today, Thursday, September 15, Roberto Clemente Day is celebrated, a commemoration established by Major League Baseball (MLB) to honor the Puerto Rican’s sporting and humanitarian legacy that brought glory to the country. In addition, 50 years have passed since his famous Hit 3,000, as well as the tragic plane crash that claimed the player’s life.

The NotiCentro team presents special coverage in all its publications and reports on Clemente’s life, his contribution to sport and his social impact. Reporter Kefrén Velázquez traveled to New York City to present exclusive material about the festival from there.

“At Noticentro, we’re back at it with this celebration of national pride with coverage from the island, New York and several cities in the United States. We’ve prepared more than a dozen special reports that we started sharing yesterday, covering all aspects of the life of one of the most important national anthems In Noticentro, we will once again say “Viva Clemente,” said Rafael Lenín López, vice president of the channel’s news division.

On Thursday, September 15, all eyes will be on WAPA Deportes, where from 6:00 p.m. viewers will enjoy a special live edition of the “La Línea Deportiva Triple S” program. This was followed by a memorial service for Roberto Clemente, as well as a game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the New York Mets, where all Puerto Ricans will wear number 21 in Clemente’s honor.

“The history of baseball in Puerto Rico has been closely tied to Wapa Deportes. For the past 12 years, we have been the official MLB station on the island, and in this context, WAPA has annually celebrated the life of Roberto Clemente under the slogan “Viva Clemente”, highlighting his heroics on and off the field. . . . We are proud to have contributed to increasing this passion that Puerto Ricans feel for Clemente, as well as for the new stars that grew up under his inspiration,” said Paco Vargas, general manager of WAPA Deportes.

Accept and on the @wapadeportes and @noticentrowapa social media accounts and join the conversation with the hashtag #VIVACLEMENTE. Enjoy Wapa Deportes programming via Digital Air – 4.2, Liberty – Channel 44 and 244HD, Claro TV – Channel 5, Dish TV – Channel 27, Naicom – Channel 31 and DirecTV – Channel 657.

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