Álvaro will try to make sure his brother “is at home when he’s away”

Murcia (Spain), Sept. 21 Spain’s Carlos Alcaraz Garfia, number 1 in tennis in the world, has the unquestionable support of his older brother, Álvaro, and indeed this young man, three and a half years older than the brand new US Open champion. has become part of his team and intends to be “a familiar support so that he feels comfortable, as if he were at home when he is far away”.

This has been revealed in an interview with the EFE agency, where he has revealed questions of a personal nature regarding what is surely the biggest annoyance in the world of sports in 2022.

They say that after a great champion there are many behind who helped him become one and in the case of Carlos Alcaraz Garfia, the young Murcia tennis player who already at 19 years old leads the ATP, was not going to be different.

In the family of Carlitos, as Alcaraz is called, and in his team, they have done a lot for him to be at the top and one of them who knows him best is Álvaro.

Regarding his inclusion in the working group led by Juan Carlos Ferrero as coach, he noted that his presence was “fundamental for the support of the family and to make Carlos feel comfortable, as if he were at home when he is far away”.

“I was at Roland Garros with Carlos and also in some free tournament in Spain until I went to Brazil and after a good week there he won the ATP 500 in Rio, his first title this year. Then we were together on the American Tour, which didn’t start so well in Montreal and then it was a little bit better in Cincinnati until the US Open came and we know what he did there. Looks like I wish him luck,” he continued.

Carlos and Álvaro shared a room in New York, “like until recently at home in a bunk bed, him in the bottom bed and me in the top,” he said.

The first of four brothers, all boys, talks to Carlos, the second, “more about everyday things than tennis” and on that list of topics to discuss is football, with some arguments between the two: “He’s from Madrid and I from Barcelona and sometimes we argue but in a good spirit, which doesn’t mean we don’t hinder each other from time to time.”

Álvaro is “very envious” of his brother and in a way regrets leaving what could also have been a good tennis career in his case, where he competed at the Spanish Championships.

“Now that I see Carlos succeeding in the ATP, I think I could have continued playing, but most of all I enjoy witnessing what he is able to do on the court, with that explosive and electric game that he has and that for me, as I Let’s say that many, I want to take up the racket,” he explained.

“What Carlos has already achieved is a common dream that we have seen come true and we are very proud. I remember a long time ago we used to watch tennis on TV, the grand finals, Nadal and Federer matches, which my brother has always enjoyed. been a big fan, and we went to the ATP 250 in Valencia and there we went to look for autographs… Carlos thought that being in a major tournament was something far away and at this moment he has already won in the USA and is number 1 “You can say that at home we are all like in a cloud because everything has happened very quickly, but we have to continue with our feet on the ground,” said his older brother.

As for what’s next for Carlos, Álvaro sees it clearly: “Charly can play a great role and working like this, with the team he has, he can be among the best for many years, but it’s not easy.” loses his enthusiasm and hunger and knowing him as I think he will not lack desire or energy. A Grand Slam is like a massacre, because you have to win seven matches against very good opponents and some definitely in five sets, like It happened to him at the US Open and although I don’t know how many titles of that type he will win then I think there will be a few more, but you have to go step by step”.

He has also spoken about the difference between what Carlos Alcaraz is on the track and his behavior off it. “They are many and it is that all he is dynamic when he goes out to play is calm outside. Tennis makes him very alive, but when he gets off the racket he is very calm and goes to his ball and slows down.” he said. .

Going back a few years, Álvaro has also referred to the typical sibling rivalry.

“There have always been fights between us in tennis, because in our family this sport has always been practiced since my father was a tennis player, and in all other fields. In fact, we invented games with the racket and the ball and went challenge after challenge to to see who did it better,” he said.

“On the track we were together for many years playing against each other in the Tiro de Pichón club, until I was 16 or 17, and I remember we played several finals in a regional tournament sponsored by Postres Reina. In the first one I won and on the second one he already won. You could say we left a draw,” he recalled.

“There was no lack of lotteries between us, but it was childish nonsense and there has always been a very good relationship between the two of us. We also played pranks and were a bit like Zipi and Zape,” added Álvaro. , who has also admitted that his brother, when he lost, “would get angry and has already made it clear that in addition to his special ability to play tennis, he has great character and that he was a born competitor”.

“I think ambition is his main characteristic now that he’s a professional,” he added.

Asked about virtues and defects, the oldest in history, who will be 23 years old on November 2, is clear when he refers to Carlos.

“He’s stubborn and that, while that can be seen as a flaw, can sometimes also be a good thing. What’s clear is that if he thinks he’s right, it’s hard to get him to change his mind. he’s a very understanding guy with everyone and very generous, someone who doesn’t want to say no and has a hard time with it,” he added. EFE



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