American and Polish food and respect for his number on the field

Robert Lewandowski He wins both on and off the field. soccer player, born in Poland, is going through one of the best moments of his career, with accolades such as the best FIFA 2021 award or the award for the best footballer of the last year. When he started his career at FC Barcelona, ​​the player works on other tasks, billion dollar company. One of them is Nineown restaurant in Warsaw.

Get the name at Nine (nine) with reference to number that the footballer has defended on the soccer field during his career, both in Barcelona Football Club as in Borussia Dortmund and in Bayern Munich, his previous team. That’s not the only nod to his bib number to be found in the restaurant: many of them decorations, and even some menu items, They are in the form of nine.

Opening in October 2021, Nine’s is located inside a refurbished four-storey brewery complex, one 19th century historic malt house located in the Wola district of warsaw.

catering plan
Nine’s Restaurant

While football fans can sit back and enjoy the latest games on sports bar Located in the basement, on the first and second floor of the building is a restaurant that offers dishes in an informal setting. On the top floor is a a space dedicated to events, called fan zonewith an ornament that imitates a toilet on a football field.

restaurant event hall
restaurant event hall
Nine’s Restaurant

American food with a twist

Although the restaurant’s menu is based on American cuisine, at Nine’s you can also find dishes with a strong Asian and Polish influence. Tadeusz Mullerowner of Make Me Food and co-owner of the Orzo chain, creates the menu that varies between a classic like a hamburger and more dishes healthy how can they be cabins based on quinoa.

A plate from Nine's, Lewandowski's restaurant
A plate from Nine’s, Lewandowski’s restaurant
Instagram / @nines_restaurant_sportsbar

Traditional Polish food is also very present on the menu at Lewandowski’s restaurant. The typical dumplings or pretzels appear and give this menu a Polish touch.

Since the restaurant is located in a former brewery building, is alcoholic beverages they are also a very important part of the housing. In sports bar options as original as beer cocktails or “almond stocks”a version of piña colada made with almond milk made in the restaurant itself.

Watermelon sorbet.

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