Canada will lift restrictions on entry to the country for unvaccinated people

The operation will affect thousands of citizens and also some athletes who have not received any dose of vaccination against covid-19

Kyrie Irving is the most notorious case of this trend, and all indications are that he will be able to move freely and play in every room of the NBA this season.

Kyrie Irving, in the Brooklyn Nets game against the Toronto Raptors


The Canadian government plans to end the vaccination requirement to enter its borders at the end of this month of September. The action will affect thousands of citizens and tourists, and also the group of athletes who have not been vaccinated against covid-19 since the outbreak began and have not traveled to the country since it began.

Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn Nets, is the most infamous case in the sports world, and his refusal caused him to miss almost every game last season until New York State lifted its own restrictions. Just a few days ago the teams were in NBA they had been notified by Canada of the requirements to compete on Canadian soil: at least one dose of the vaccine or an exemption certificate for it. However, a likely change in the law will nullify these minimum requirements.

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