Carlitos, the wizard of New York

Carlos Alcaraz burn scores and predictions as fast as you drive the balls. Some devilish blows, with unusual power. A game of tennis played at breakneck speed a action video game, one of those after millennia of his generation. Carlitos is a joy for tennis. In a sport where the introduction of ‘punchers’ who are all cut from the same pattern was at risk of boredom, the Murcian brings the show. Marin Cilic said that before he treated him “Alcaraz’s creativity is the best on the circuit”. He has saved the serve-net game, the left raise stands, their balloons are giving again and again to playdraw bypasses with millimeter accuracy and has one side globular which allows you to invent levels with tweens under the feet or return the ball from behind, as he did on Jannik Sinner, more in the style of a bull thrower mocking a morlaco attack than a tennis player.

In addition to talent, Alcaraz has an iron mentality, mastery of pressure and hard work, magic. And in Court Arthur Ashe, tennis’s craziest environment, has found its dream theater. With his tricks, he managed to neutralize even the opposite field Francis Tiafoe. New York is dedicated to the boy who keeps pulling rabbits out of his hat. He has one last role left that promises to be a prelude to many more. It certainly does not disappoint.

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