Cine Migrante: the eighth edition of the festival comes that seeks to “create a different experience”

"The legacy" (The Inheritance), by Ephraim Asili
“The Legacy” by Ephraim Asili

All set for a new edition of Cine Migrante. From the 23rd to the 29th of September, a program will be developed that offers three experiences that intersect filmmaking, the construction of collective knowledge, poetry and a performance experience. The title of this edition, number eight, is “A gesture, a becoming in flight” and the exhibition is curated by the Argentine. Florence Mazzadi and Spanish Almudena Escobar Lopez.

There are three spaces: Planta Inclán located in Parque Patricios (Friday, September 23), El Cultural San Martín (Saturday, September 24) and the Kirchner Cultural Center (Sunday, September 25).

"American hunger" (American Voracity) by Ephraim Asili
“American Hunger” by Ephraim Asili

In addition, there will also be “A gesture into the Kirchner Cultural Center”, a curation consisting of four programs created especially for the Kirchner Cultural Center, which will be shown in room B on the 6th floor and will offer a short film series on Sunday 25 which is titled Ideology, (generational whispers)..

Then, on Wednesday the 28th and Thursday the 29th, it will bring together the films that make up the first three acts, giving a new opportunity to those who were unable to see them on Friday and Saturday.

"Star Claudette" (The Star Claudette) by Ayo Akingbade
“The Star Claudette” by Ayo Akingbade

All activities, meetings, experiences and exhibitions that are part of the program are free and open access, with limited capacity. The experience (what festival organizers call “cues”) will start on time and cannot enter the room later.

Some movies that can be seen are The legacy (the inheritance) and American hunger (American Voracity) by Ephraim donkey, Mangrove School (School of Mangroves) of Philippa stop Y Sonya Vaz Borges, Tonally of the association Weightless, Star Claudette (The star Claudette) left Ayo Akingbade,

"Tonally" of the community of Los Ingrávidos
“Tonalli” by Los Ingrávidos collective

This year, the aim, they claim, is to “create a different experience” because “it will no longer be created only as an exhibition space”, but “each projection will have an off-screen that will involve the creation of a shared space and community, sharing reading , audio interventions and a shared meal’. All information here.


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