Climate Week: Haquim spoke in New York

Central Bank Governor Carlos Haquim participates in Climate Week in New York, a space he shares with world leaders, government representatives and businessmen.

Under the panel titled “Forward, Faster; Doing it together”, Haquim spoke about the progress Jujuy has made in environmental care and sustainable development, based on a commitment to Governor Gerardo Morales to “make Jujuy a green province”

In this sense, he referred to the construction of the Cauchari photovoltaic park, with more than a million solar panels for the production of clean energy. “In addition to creating jobs, this project has a profound social impact, as it involves the indigenous communities who also participate in the income resulting from the sale of energy to the national grid” and assumed that “the expansion of the complex will go from a production of 300 Mw to 500 MW”

Expanding his presentation, he pointed out that “the profile for producers of clean energy allows Jujuy to bet on public education with the construction of 258 new school buildings that will be equipped with solar panels to generate their own energy”

He also cited the construction of solar farms, “where their reality was transformed from light energy”

Haquim considered it appropriate to refer to the “Jujuy Ilumina” program, which indicates that it allows radical changes in the traditional public lighting system, giving way to the use of LEDs, “which allows significant energy savings and therefore environmental protection,” he said.

He dedicated to the implementation and progress of the GIRSU project laudable ideas, “conceived to end the garbage problem, provide each municipality with equipment for the collection and transportation of urban solid waste to treatment centers, with closure and closure. countless outdoor. Garbage”

In relation to lithium, he emphasized that Jujuy is “the first producer in Argentina” and pointed out that by the end of the year it will produce 82,500 tons. “We know the importance of lithium in energy storage in these times, that’s why we aim to supply it to the world,” he said, adding that “according to the contracts signed with leading companies, in a short time more Jujuy will produce the lithium battery cells which we will export to the rest of the world”

In another sequence, he mentioned that “we held two COPs in Jujuy Verde, with the participation of representatives of the Argentine provinces and members of ZICOSUR, with the special presence of experts from Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia and Brazil”, which discussed aspects related to mitigation and care for the environment.

Haquim expected that in May 2023, Jujuy will host an event on energy collection, “which will be a milestone to reduce the environmental crisis”, he asserted, assuring that “without a doubt, Jujuy has a great commitment to the environment”.

Finally, it is pointed out that the Deputy Governor participated in the thesis presented by the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva, which explained the commitment of the aforementioned institutions to the environment and resources intended to reduce the effects of climate change.