Deyvid Morales will represent the Olympic Games in Mexico

It was four years ago when Deyvid Morales, a migrant and activist living in the United States, decided to represent Mexico in the winter olympics and in the end your efforts will be rewarded.

Through his social media, the activist originally from Guerrero reported that he was selected by the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation to represent Mexico.

“Representing my country is the greatest honor of my life. Thank you all for supporting me, especially my family and my God!” the activist said on social media.

The activist was admitted to the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation.

This achievement has not been easy. Deyvid Morales originally intended to compete in the 2022 Winter Olympics; however, due to the pandemic and personal issues, he was unable to do so.

According to the activist, his dream is not only to participate and represent Mexico; he searches Open doors of this sport to others.

“There are only two Olympic tracks of their kind in the United States (in Utah and New York) and they are 15 minutes from my house,” he declared, adding that he decided to use that advantage to compete.

That’s why Deyvid works with the Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake City and civil society organizations to hire more athletes.

“We are not just remittances, we are people with dreams who can contribute in sports, in the arts, in movies,” he said.

What is a Skeleton?

Skeleton is a winter olympic sport in which the athlete uses special sled and slides down a snow track.

“The skeleton only uses the lower part; the bobsled uses the cart where one, two, three or four go,” explained Deyvid Morales.

“We don’t use anything that protects us more than the lower part and the helmet,” Deyvid added about this sport.

Another feature is that the sled has no tools to steer it; it is the athlete who directs the skeleton to one side or the other with his body.

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