Endless marathon and challenges in various countries: the sporting life of the engineer who died while jogging | Cuyo’s diary

The news of the death of Roberto Castro, known in the sports and construction environment of San Juan, shocked his loved ones and acquaintances, as he suffered damages in the vicinity of Libertador and Calivar avenues, in Rivadavia. He was taken to Marcial Quiroga Hospital and despite CPR, he died.

Roberto Castro was 63 years old and had a long history in marathons. His routine was to jog a few kilometers because besides becoming a habit, it was his passion.

Engineer Castro, as he was known in the field of construction, had the opportunity to participate in several international competitions and with well-known opponents. One of them was the “TCS NY Marathon”, a 42,125 km race traditionally held in the American city.

In 2015, Castro participated with 55,000 marathon runners in New York and with a time of 2h30m he was able to finish 114th in his category, out of 4,862 competitors and 4,322 overall. He was also part of experiences in Chicago and Boston.

Another historical fact in Castro’s life but also for San Juan sports was his presence in the “Conqueror The Great Wall China Marathon”. For that reason, he was the only one from the team to cross the finish line. It was almost 9 hours of racing, 27 thousand steps and a huge personal challenge. Of the more than 500 registered, only 33 percent of them succeeded.

Roberto Castro was not just a lover of marathons, it was his lifestyle.

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