Fake eccentricities and wrongdoing among the national team

Messi’s end at Barcelona was swift. Surprise. Made a brief revival: he won the Copa América, he went to the beach with his head in mind for a new season in Catalonia and they warned him (Joan Laporta, the new president) that they would not be able to go after all verbal approval for the renewal. Did they really want him that much, to be the best in the world, the one who generates the most income in sponsorships and sales?that people from all over the world went to see especially at Camp Nou?

That’s how Leo started his new life in Paris, which already finds him more adjusted and established in every way, from the football to the family, which is not minor for anyone, whatever it is called and has the facilities and comforts it has. More than a year has passed since that tearful farewell and revolutionary arrival in France, but the dirty war continues in Barcelona, ​​​​​​where he grew up, grew up, had children and won everything, bringing the club to the top of the world. .


What is the dirty war, while Leo has his head in Qatar and earlier in the friendlies on Friday at 21:00 against Honduras and next Tuesday against Jamaica in New York)? The one that is made from the leadership of the leadership, from the current one to the previous one. Laporta had achieved the presidency with a plus: his excellent relationship with Messi. But he did not renew his contract and immediately distributed millions of the contract that had not been, as if to wash away the guilt before the people who had deified him.

Now, as if I hadn’t closed the wound, yes.and re-enacts a story that created noise, the story of Leo’s burofax in 2020 announced that he was leaving Barcelona as there was no agreement on anything with Josep Bartomeu (neither financial nor sporting project, the team was in free fall in terms of game and squad), former president who had to resign early. That time on the 10th, he decided to stay the same to avoid a trial with the club that gave him everything since his arrival from Rosario, even his idea was to continue with the arrival of Laporta, but…

Media movement, expanded by original source in Madrid, reveals ‘excessive’ requests from Messi (via Jorge, father and manager), in anticipation of the historic burofax. The majority, orders that are usually unusual for anyone, but not so for celebrities, in any sport. Box at Camp Nou? Private returns before the end of the year? Reclaiming low wages during a pandemic? Being able to leave Barcelona without a clause? Nothing that isn’t part of star and club negotiations. Behind every agreement of players like him, Cristiano, Neymar, Mbappé, there are always these types of stars and details, it is something common and that is why they are never officially confirmed until the signature itself.

The stars always charge, all over the world, untold riches for the majority of mortals. It also happens with Messi, a down-to-earth guy, who is welcomed all over the world, with a special sensitivity and charisma with his fans. Behind that public image of him, of a simple and lovable person, the best for more than 15 years, there are negotiations and millions of dollars in contracts, image rights, advertising and more, it is more than clear.

Many of these investments by those who pay him have and have paid dividends, as happened with Barcelona and the city itself as the axis of football, as happens with the brands that historically accompany it and those that are added. Lor else, the clarification of contract information, is part of a dirty war that does not dirty it.

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