Fatburger comes to Mexico with burgers and wings in the same place

The brand fat man comes strongly to Mexico with its first branch in CDMX.

This American company has more than 200 restaurants worldwide, with many restaurants in the United States, Canada, China, Saudi Arabia, among other countries. Today, fat man commitment to Mexico and its public that loves good food.

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We spoke to Sergio Méndez and Mauricio Aldana to find out what’s in store for Fatburger’s arrival at Mexico CityThis is what they told us.

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american experience

“The recipe for Hamburger It comes from an African-American woman, named Lovie Yancey, who invented it with a desire to satisfy people’s appetites, that it was homemade, warm and a good size, that’s the line that the brand follows and we think it’s where her success lives,” says Mauricio.

The chain chooses to bring in American products to maintain its characteristic taste fat man. For Sergio, the added value lies in high quality standards, in meat, bread, sauces, ice cream, syrup and other products from the USA, which ensures that the burgers taste equally good all over the world.

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What to eat at Fatburger?

The burgers are the star of the house. From the original with meat, cheese and vegetables, to XXXL, which has its own challenge and whoever succeeds will have a place on the winners’ wall.

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The options are varied, they have Hamburger turkey, with whole wheat bread, a healthier version with fewer calories, the Skinny Burger, which has salad instead of bread, the vegetarian option called Impossible, since it seems very difficult for anyone to resist beef Fat bugger. Not to be missed are the American style chicken burgers and the option to add a fried egg, a very American custom.

Distinguishers on fat man are: a hamburger 30% larger than others on the market, a milkshake with ice cream and wingsmade with a secret method that makes them juiciest.

yes, wings in a restaurant hamburgers. Fatburger comes from Buffalo’s Express, which makes a combination of burgers and wings, to give a lot of variety without being an extensive and complicated menu, as well as find cocktails curated by one of the best mixologists in Mexico.

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“Part of the philosophy is that they pamper themselves, with good food, generous portions, good service and a great atmosphere, so they feel the pampering,” adds Mauricio.

Live this American experience of a fast casual restaurant, with a similar atmosphere to that of a sports bar, to go with friends or family. Enjoy the opening of this first branch in Mexico City on August 11 and is expecting his second place in the coming months. Follow them on social media to find out where the long-awaited Farbuger Mexico will be.

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