Foreign businessmen highlight Peru’s economy in New York | News

From New York (USA), Roberto Sánchez, Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, said today that foreign businessmen underline Peru’s economic and commercial performance.

“I have noticed in the American business community how sensitive it is to understanding the economic, macroeconomic and business performance of Peru.” It is favorable to have results related to historical records in exports and tax collection, as well as the fact that our currency is strong in Latin America and that we are leading economic growth, despite everything,” he said on TV Peru.

“I think they are factors for investors to say: there is noise there, but entrepreneurship, the government’s call and adequate conditions for our great diversity prevail to confirm the path of economic reactivation and democratic stability,” he added.

It should be noted that President Pedro Castillo traveled to New York to participate in the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), which will take place on September 19 and 21. With the head of state are the ministers César Landa (foreign relations), Kurt Burneo (economy and finance), Roberto Sánchez (foreign trade and tourism) and Rosendo Serna (education).

Roberto Sánchez pointed to yesterday’s meeting held by the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, and several ministers with investors and representatives of companies classified in the American Society Council of the Americas (AS/COA).

“The meeting held yesterday with the American Society Council of the Americas is important, with more than 35 high-level American businessmen, many of whom are already investing in Peru,” he said.

“Through this participation, we have been able to discuss and put on the agenda the great need to promote investments in Peru. Moreover, it has remained a commitment that this meeting will be held again this year in Lima,” he added.

The minister said that since there is great concern in the world about the increase in food and fuel prices, due to the global crisis, President Pedro Castillo has reaffirmed at the said meeting the call of the government to strengthen the legal stability and macroeconomics of Peru.

“President Pedro Castillo has made a speech that promotes investment and open arms, where he talks about the benefits that Peru has, because reactivation is essential for our country,” he said.

“Our call arises from the great need for political stability as a favorable environment for the economic reactivation of the country,” he said.

Roberto Sánchez also pointed out the favorable result that tourism has been registering in Peru.

“More than 1,300,000 foreign tourists have gone through tourism, including about 300,000 from the United States, and that is very important. In addition, last year we have passed 16,000 million dollars in trade between Peru and the United States, and in July of this year, it increased by 49%,” he said.

“Then, just like in tourism, agricultural exports and services, we require not only a sectoral perspective, but a country perspective, involving different ministries,” he added.

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