Foster’s Hollywood will open a restaurant in the shopping center of the Tiempo Libre hotel in Cádiz

The offer that will be available for the shopping center that will be located on the ground floor of the upcoming Hotel Cádiz Bahía, which will be managed by Grupo Q in the former Tiempo Libre residence, is already taking shape. One of the first companies that has confirmed that it plans to set up a business in this location is of the American restaurant chain Foster’s Hollywood.

This way, this company will again have operations in the city After closing in 2018 the premises it had for eight years in the Plaza de San Juan de Dios, where the Volapié concession is now located.

This brand belongs to Alsea Group, which operates more than 4,000 restaurants in 11 countries (Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Uruguay). Among the companies that are part of its portfolio are Domino’s Pizza, Starbucks, Foster’s Street, VIPS, VIPS Smart, Ginos or Fridays, among others. In Spain there are 1,092 establishments under these names.

At the moment, Foster’s Hollywood has 227 restaurants spread across the country, taking over major cities and large shopping centers. Of these, six are in the province of Cádiz, in the towns of San Fernando, El Puerto, Chiclana, Jerez, Algeciras and Los Barrios.

The company Food Service Project SA has already started the appropriate bureaucratic actions for the City Council of Cádiz to carry out the works and obtain environmental rights for the installation of hospitality without music. Within the Bahía Cádiz Shopping Center – the name already given to this complex in official documents – Foster’s Hollywood will occupy premises 1 and 4 within the area for shops and restaurants that will be installed inside the Hotel Cádiz Bahía on its ground floor and first basement.

From the Alsea Group they have indicated to this media that at the moment there is no prediction of an opening date of the return of Foster’s Hollywood to the capital of Cádiz.

Thus, setting up a franchise of this brand specializing in American food, especially hamburgers, allows for both the expansion of the gastronomic offer on the Paseo Marítimo in its most valuable area – between Brasil Street and the Ana Orantes Roundabout – as an incentive to encourage more investment in the place, The Grupo Q hotel in the Tiempo Libre residence, where the tourist and gastronomic offer of the Paseo Marítimo will revolve around when it opens in the coming months.

In fact, the opening of Foster’s Hollywood is not the only one that has already been confirmed in the so-called Bahía Cádiz mall.. The company Cashdiplo SLU plans to set up a supermarket in premises 11 to 15.

Cash Diplo was a company belonging to the Supersol group dedicated to cash and transport companies and dedicated specifically to the Horeca sector. In 2020, the Lithuanian Maxima group sold this last part of the supermarket group. Months earlier, in August this year, it transferred 172 points of sale to Carrefour for 78 million euros.

At the moment, It has 23 establishments spread between the Canary Islands, the Peninsula, Ceuta and Melilla. Of these, there are three in the Cadiz towns of San Fernando, Chiclana and Rota.

It is yet to confirm what kind of supermarket it intends to open on the ground floor of the Tiempo Hotel, where Its facilities are specialized for sales to professionals. However, its location in a residential area, next to Victoria Beach and in a place of high population density, does not make it the most suitable place to limit its access to the public.

However, pending the arrival of new companies committed to investing in this space, The development of the Bahía Cádiz shopping center will depend on the opening of the Hotel Cádiz Bahía. Its website already announces its opening for the fall of 2022, when initially there was talk of the possibility of doing so this summer. At the moment, a specific date has not yet been set to be able to enjoy the four-star complex that will have 268 rooms, which highlights swim upwhere guests can enjoy a swimming pool on their own terrace.

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