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Spanish tennis is lucky. win over Carlos Alcaraz on Casper Ruud in the end US Open came up with the third big of the season for the home fielder’s showcase. After the victories in Rafael Nadal in Australia Y Roland Garroswas a player El Palmar who signed up first Grand Slam in his career after defeating the Norwegian tennis player on the court Arthur Ashe of the braid of Flushing Meadows in the New York neighborhood of Queen’s.

However, the success of the national sport shone at the US Open even above Alcaraz’s victory. And there is an academy in it Spain which has on its own merits become the best in the world after its tennis players swept USA. It is, of course, about Rafa Nadal Academythe other great project of the tennis player from Manacor beyond his storied and illustrious professional career.

The Rafa Nadal Academy was inaugurated on October 19, 2016 in a match involving the Balearic player and his great friend and rival Roger Federer. Together they welcomed a new era, young tennis players who would pass through the center’s facilities to try to be superstars like them. And judging by the latest success, it can be said that the work that is done behind the walls of the factory of young talents that he manages. Tony Nadal it’s being awesome.

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The 2022 US Open has been the culmination of all the hard work and all the time dedicated to teaching tennis. These fruits have been reflected in Casper Ruud’s arrival in the final and number two in the world. But also in the two younger winners of the tournament, who bear the seal of the Rafa Nadal academy. Are Martin Landalucechampion in the men’s category, and Alexandra Eala, a female winner. The three showed a few days ago that the best tennis academy in the world is already in Manacor despite being less than six years old.

Casper Ruud, with the title of runner-up at the US Open


Casper Ruud, the disciple

The story of Casper Ruud is the story of a boy who has achieved a good part of his biggest goals by hugging a racket. At 23 years old, he has already been able to play in two majors and it won’t take long for him to take home his first injury. In addition, he is debuting his best position as a professional: he is the new number two in the world.

He could have been number one on the ATP list, but that privilege will have to wait. As he himself said after losing the US Open final to Carlos Alcaraz, he just hopes that the next major final will not be against a Spanish player. The first he lost against his idol, Rafa Nadal, in this course’s version at Roland Garros.

And there is this Casper Ruud, since he handed in his first rackets Oslo, his hometown, was already checking the form of the Balearic tennis player. What he surely didn’t expect is that one day he could be with him, face to face, on a tennis court, fighting for the biggest titles in the world. What he surely didn’t foresee when he followed in the footsteps of his father, the greatest Norwegian tennis player in history until his arrival, is that he might even learn from him.

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In 2018, he decided to leave Norway to continue his training in Manacor, specifically at the Rafa Nadal Academy. The center was founded by the winner of 22 majors and managed by his uncle Toni, his coach Carlos Moya and his agent and his employee Charles Costasheltered the young Ruud who was about to finish his preparation to become one of the best players in the world.

There he was able to follow Toni’s own advice and even exchange meetings and confidences with Rafa. Tennis lessons that became lifelong learning. That year he was also able to work under the command of Carlos Moyá and that helped him start a productive career with the help of Peter Clare, who has been his shadow ever since he landed in Manacor. Together with him, he has already managed to become one of the best in the world and a true clay court specialist, a candidate to succeed Rafa Nadal when the current number three in the world decides to hang up his racket.

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When Casper Ruud first arrived at the Rafa Nadal Academy, he was ranked 138th in the world. Just a few months later, in early 2019, he managed to break into the Top100. A year later, he was already number 34, surpassing the best position his father had held in his entire career. And now, in September 2022, he has established himself as the new world number two and as a prime candidate for that long-awaited number one at the end of this year.

Casper Ruud plays the ball in the middle of the flight with the right

Casper Ruud plays the ball in the middle of the flight with the right


From Eala to Landaluce

The success of the Rafa Nadal Academy is not only nurtured by professional tennis players. New York also served to write two golden pages in the history of the school’s best tennis player in history in terms of titles. The US Open has made the Manacor factory the best in the world after the two junior titles went to shows.

The most special thing for the academy managed by Toni Nadal was certainly the victory in the women’s draw. Alexandra ‘Alex’ Eala. The 16-year-old Filipina made history by becoming the first female tennis player from her country to win a Grand Slam in singles. In addition, she did brilliantly as she did not drop a single set until reaching the grand final where she defeated the Czech. Lucie Havlickova (third seed) by 6-2 and 6-4.

The progress of one of the great pearls of the Rafa Nadal academy is devilish despite the fact that he is still 16 years old. From a young age, she has had to get used to dealing with the pressure of carrying the weight of an entire country on her back. His level of tennis has always been surprising and even more so coming from a state where tradition in racquet sports is very limited. He already made the first covers when, at the age of 12, he won the prestigious tournament in Le Petit Asa competition that the planet’s greatest talents usually go through.

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Now he has been training at the Rafa Academy for several years and the truth is that the results have not stopped coming. In 2020, when she was just 14 years old, she was named the Australian Open doubles champion alongside Indonesia. Priska Madelyn Nugroho. A year later, she confirmed her good feelings and her versatility by declaring herself the winner of Roland Garros. There was also a doubles match, along with Oksana Selekhmeteva. In that edition, he was one step away from the final in the individual category.

Despite his youth, ‘Alex’ Eala has always been used to achieving success before anyone else and breaking all possible barriers. When number two at the youth level, he decided to take the leap into the professional world, and at the age of 15 he entered his first tournament, one of them. ITF played in the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar. In 2022, he has managed to add his second wound to his record after winning Thailand ITF. It should be noted that in these tournaments she faces players who are even twice her age. Now she has made history by declaring herself the US Open Junior Champion.

Alexandra Eala after winning the US Junior Open

Alexandra Eala after winning the US Junior Open

Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar

The joy has been absolute in the Rafa Nadal academy and it is that along with the victory of Eala also came Martin Landaluce, another player associated with the Manacor tennis player’s factory. The men’s US Open is dominated by both Spanish tennis and the 22-championship academy.

Only one local had managed to win the US Junior Open in history. That was about Emilio Sanchez Vicario, who achieved it in 1986. Well, in the last two years, two Spaniards have lifted the Flushing Meadows trophy. And both with the seal of the Rafa Nadal Academy, which shows why it is already, six years after its establishment, the best center for young tennis talents in the world.

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If in 2021 it was Dani Rinconcurrent sparring of the Spanish tennis team in the preliminary round The Davis Cup, who made it to the top, in 2022 was Martin Landaluce. the student of Oskar Burrieza He has established himself as one of the biggest talents on the planet and has reiterated his status as a great star project with this victory at the US Junior Open at the age of 16.

The man from Madrid is on scholarship from the Rafa Nadal academy and it is common to see him training in its facilities. In New York, he shared many training sessions with other superstars such as Carlos Alcaraz. They both share an agent, Albert Molina. Martin completed a great weekend of Spanish tennis at Queen’s with a win Gilles Arnaud Bailly by 7-6(3), 5-7 and 6-2.

Martin Landaluce, US Open Junior Champion 2022

Martin Landaluce, US Open Junior Champion 2022


The best academy in the world

These are not the first great results that the Rafa Nadal Academy has achieved, far from it. However, it is true that they have all come very close and located in the same tennis complex. The US Open has put the Rafa-founded Manacor factory at the top of the racket world.

Ruud, Eala or Landaluce are some examples that show the enormous work done in the center under Toni Nadal, but they are not the only ones. Exactly, Rafa’s cousin and former coach is responsible for many other great tennis players on the circuit having passed through the academy to complete their training knowing that he is the best center on the planet.

The most prominent case is that Felix Auger-Aliassime, called to be one of the best tennis players in the world, and who chose Toni as his coach after he decided to part ways with his uncle. The Canadian has already managed to play in his first achievements on the pro circuit and reach the Top10. Now, at 22, he is 13th on the list.

Another player who has grown in the academy and who, like Casper Ruud, managed to achieve the first goal of reaching the Top100 was James Mooner. The 25-year-old Spaniard now pursues his challenge to be one of the top 50 rackets in the world while training regularly at the Rafaakademía.

The progress of all these players, the quality of the facilities and the facilities offered by this center, which is a pioneer and benchmark in the world, has caused many of the best tennis players in the world to want to spend a season there to improve their game and in your training. These are, for example, examples of tennis players of this caliber Naomi Osaka, Grigor Dimitrov either way Diego Schwartzmann. The Rafa Nadal Academy continues to grow and is already the best center in the world.

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