Guterres warns world is ‘at risk and paralyzed’

UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres has warned that “the world is in danger and paralyzed“Because of geopolitical tensions, at a time when it should be working together against.” climate change and the food crisis.

Guterres opened the 77th session of the Assembly on Tuesday United Nations General Assembly in New York and assured the leaders present that the great challenges of the world cannot be solved alone or with alliances of countries, but that great “world alliance”.

“We walk through troubled waters, a the winter of international discontentinequality is skyrocketing, the planet is burning, people are suffering and the most vulnerable are bearing the brunt,” Guterres continued. “The UN Charter is at risk, we have a duty to act“.

Urgent actions in light of the food crisis

The Secretary General of the United Nations has emphasized food crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, and has held up an agreement with the parties on the export of wheat as an example of “multilateral diplomacy”. In this sense, he has asked that “i.e remove barriers to Russian fertilizers and its constituents, including ammonia, which are not subject to sanctions”.

“This year there are no production problems but food distributionbut if the fertilizer market does not stabilize, the problem next year could be supply.”

Guterres has referred to the “crisis” affecting humanity. To those already mentioned he has added financial situationespecially from the poorest countries and the lack of security measures on information technology which can “threaten democracy”.

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Geopolitical tensions and disputes over Ukraine

“The Psychopolitical tensions undermine the work of the Security Councilinternational law, cooperation and people’s trust in democratic institutions,” the Secretary-General asserted. “Even institutions outside the United Nations system have fallen into the trap of geopolitical fragmentation. G20 recently looked like G2 and now we can end up in G-Nothing“.

We need an alliance of the world. There is an urgent need to overcome divisions and work together

Guterres has argued that “no group of states can manage the situation on their own.” We need an alliance of the world. It will be urgent to overcome divisions and act united.”

The first goal should be, according to UN leaders, “to achieve and maintain peace.” “The the world’s attention is focused on Ukraine, with widespread destruction and massive human rights violations. Reports of tombs being found at Izium are extremely disturbingfighting has cost thousands of lives and affected millions of people around the world,” he said.

Climate change and the cost of living crisis

Although the action is aimed at Ukraine, it is climate crisis which, according to Guterres, “defines our time and should be a priority for all governments and international organizations. But it is being pushed back despite public support around the world.”

“We must reduce emissions by 2030 to get closer to neutrality by 2050, but emissions are increasing and will grow by 14% in this decade“, lamented the UN leader.

“The today’s hottest summers may be tomorrow’s coolest. A once-in-a-lifetime climate disruption can end up being once-a-year,” he asserted, citing the recent floods in Pakistan as an example.

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Guterres has also warned “a once-in-a-generation global cost-of-living crisis“, especially in Africa, where the effects of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine have combined.”Sustainable development is at risk everywhere. Even in the simplest goals, food, health, education, gender equality, we are going backwards,” he emphasized.

The manager has requested it tax the fossil fuel industry to “feast on hundreds of billions of dollars in aid and compensation fell from the skywhile household budgets shrink and our planet burns”. The funds thus obtained should go to the countries that suffer the most from the climate crisis and “to the people who are struggling with the increase in food and energy prices”.

Guerres has concluded his speech at the United Nations headquarters in New York where he asked the G20 countries to a “stimulus plan” for the Sustainable Development Goals aimed at developing countries.

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