How much does it cost to eat at Estadio Mobil Super de Sultanes de Monterrey

If what you want is to live a great sports experience, Mobil Super Stadium offers you everything: atmosphere, entertainment and good foodwith an additional ingredient at this time: the King’s Series, between Leones de Monterrey and Sultanes de Monterrey.

The hobby has a wide variety to try different types of food inside the Sultan Palaceplus you can choose which drink you want to drink, of which the price is considerable.

How much are drinks at Sultans Stadium?

For the current heat, the drink of choice for the attendees is undoubtedly beer, which you can find from 110 to 130 pesos, but if what you want is ‘chela’ without alcohol, This will cost you 120 pesos. Although at the bar they sell from 55 to 65 pesos for 355 milliliters.

Lunch at the Mobil Super de Sultanes Stadium (Zeltzin Zamora)

Among the alcoholic drinks, you can try piña coladas, vampires, violets, blues, tequila sunrise, dove, salty dog, vodka and black charro, which costs 150 pesos; but a barrel and whiskey is 200 pesos. In the case of drinks with tequila, they may increase 50 pesos if attendees want another type of this drink.

The soft drink and water costs only 30 pesos, but if it’s energy drinks or iced tea you have to pay 40 pesos.

How much does food cost at Mobil Super Stadium?

The question we all always ask ourselves when we talk about Monterrey: Is the roast beef about to be done or not? And it is that in the Sultan Palace there is a place where you can eat flank steak or chorypan cake and flank steak tacos at the cost of 100 pesos, but if you want a mixed cake it will cost you 10 pesos more.

There is also an American food place where you will find different types of fries (fries, buffalo, chilli ham, crisscut and crisper) ranging from 70 to 150 pesos. The burgers (original burger, cheeseburger, buffalo chicken burger and backyard burger) are priced at 110 and 150 pesos.

As in all diamond of the fire, the sausages could not be missing, which are a must in this magical place, as it is the recommendation of all sultana fans, since if you don’t try them, it’s like not having been to the Mobil Super Stadium. They only cost 120 pesos, they are big and they come with cheese, chipotle dressing and bacon.either.

Lunch at the Mobil Super de Sultanes Stadium (Zeltzin Zamora)For 129 pesos you can eat tacos al pastor (row of five), shredded burrito, carne asada tacos (row of five).

If you have a craving for popcorn, you only have to pay 50 pesoswhile the fries come out at 30. Because if you want something sweet, there are 30-peso churros.

So here we leave you a great option for you to come and enjoy baseball, because in addition to living a sports experience and appreciating the family atmosphere that lives in the Sultan Palace, you can also taste all kinds of food at an affordable price.

Lunch at the Mobil Super de Sultanes Stadium (Zeltzin Zamora)


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