Immortal! Aaron Judge ties Babe Ruth’s all-time record

Judge Aron It is living history New York Yankees and Big leagues. The American baseball player continues to sign a memorable season with the Bronx Bombers thanks to a great level that today places him among the best in this sport.

On Tuesday night, the New York Yankees defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates 9-8 at Yankee Stadium thanks to Giancarlo Stanton’s grand slam in the bottom of the ninth inning. The one who stole the spotlight in the game was Judge, who with his solo home run (also in the ninth down) tied Babe Ruth’s historic mark.

Judge tied the Bambino’s 60 home runs in one major league season, but the Yankees player isn’t satisfied and will look to add to his record this year, a task that doesn’t seem difficult given Aaron’s score and New York’s 15 games remaining in the regular season.

Judge depends on Roger Maris’ record

Once Babe Ruth’s record was tied, now Aaron Judge’s primary goal is to surpass Roger Maris, who in the 1961 season had 61 home runs. and so far has a perfect record in the American League. It all seems like a matter of time before Judge further enhances his legacy in Major League Baseball.

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