Judge hits 60 home runs and the Yankees come back against the Pirates

Aaron Judge lit a sinker and sent the ball into the left side. Immediately after that, he began to roam the bases, with 60 homers in the account this season.

Judge allowed himself an unusual luxury, without fanfare in a season already tied with none other than Babe Ruth: He came back out of the dugout to more applause.

“I really didn’t want to do it, especially since we were down and the home run had been the solo play,” said Judge, whose drive in the top of the ninth inning cut the Yankees’ lead to three runs.

Eleven minutes later, Judge and the Yankees had more reason to celebrate.

Giancarlo Stanton hit a game-ending grand slam to cap a surprising five-run ninth inning for New York, which came from behind to beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 9-8 on Tuesday.

“I think I went crazy,” Judge said. “It was a typical Giancarlo Stanton line, straight as a laser and about 10 meters high across the park. I had a front row seat to see this. I think we all went crazy on the team. Also everyone who was on the field.”

Judge moved away from the American single-season record set by Roger Maris. He found Will Crowe’s (5-10) right-handed sinker and sent his shot 430 feet from the plate.

The ball hit the bleachers in left field and put New York up 8-5.

Judge tied Babe Ruth’s 60 home runs with the Yankees in 1927, setting a record that stood for 37 years.

Interestingly, Crowe’s great-grandfather’s brother was Red Ruffing, Hall of Famer and teammate of Babe Ruth with the Yankees in the 1930s.

Stanton hit a grand slam off Crowe to give Aroldis Chapman (3-3) the win and celebrate at Yankee Stadium.

For the Pirates, Dominicans Rodolfo Castro 4-1 with a run and three RBI, Oneil Cruz 2-0 with a run. Venezuelan Diego Castillo 2-1 with a goal.

For the Yankees, Gleyber Torres of Venezuela 4-2 with a run scored, Oswald Peraza 0-0 with a run scored, Oswaldo Cabrera 3-0 with two runs scored.

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