Kiko Baez, a Tijuana native who designs for celebrities

“Undisputed Champion 2021” is the legend that stood out in a tailored jacket, exclusively, for Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez; after the boxer from Guadalajara became a great middleweight champion. Behind this innovative garment is kiko baezThe Tijuana fashion company, in association with the Kings Bred brand.

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As a result of this creative amount, different collaborations with world personalities have been created music and sportswho have borne them: same during their live concerts, as on various occasions. This has made creative talent a Mexican designer who strives to get out of the ordinary and do extraordinary things, according to what he said in an interview with ForbesLife.

“Whenever we go to work with a a very famous person we think how we can make something they can’t buy. Something of great significance,” adds Manuel Roa, CEO of Kings Bred.

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Photo: Kings Bred

This can be distinguished in ‘championship jacket’who wore “Canelo”. With this, an attempt was made to incorporate the different into the design belt that he had won Thus he could show them, without having to carry each one of the four he received that evening.

This is not the first time that both companies have collaborated personalityabove all, urban music, plus some recognized athletes.

In the words of Manuel Roa and Kiko, the idea behind their proposal is to simply move away from making clothes and give meaning to each one. clothes which they do in a personal way.

This idea allowed them to create “career jacket for Daddy Yankee and at the end of this year 2022 they will do the same with Wisin & Yandel.

King's Bred
Photo: Kings Bred

Another of the projects they have considered, before the end of the year, is to be more involved Sports world –says Kiko Baez–. We’re going to work with the baseball player new yankees York, Gleyber Torres. We want to do the first ‘championship jacket’ of MLB (Major League Baseball).


Only 22 years old, kiko baez thus begins to position itself in an important way in mexican fashion life. “My proposal is very different, I have well-defined characteristics, expanding to create new items according to each customer and as fashion changes,” he points out.

Within the proposal made by this company of the same name, the idea of ​​using stuff like skinwith him art concept, as part of the garment design. “The idea of ​​bringing art instead of being hung in a painting in the house, it’s something that catches my attention, because I’m a lover artistic suggestions and I love it all,” says the designer from Tijuana.

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kiko baez
Photo: Kings Bred

That’s how both Kings Baez and Manuel Roa hope to keep breaking in fashion industry with Original design May they bear more and more personalities of the Latin world.

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