Luis Diaz in New York

The Liverpool striker took advantage of the rest days due to the postponement of the English Premier League matches.

The Selection in Colombia is preparing for the friendlies of the next FIFA tournament against Mexico and Guatemala. The triathlon team already has a list of invitees it will be Louis Diaz.

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The attacker has Liverpool take advantage of the rest days due to the postponement of games Premier League. The farmer decided to spend a few days with his family in the city New York.

After knowing that he will be part of the coffee team in the next engagements, “Lucho” and his wife Geraldine Ponce in the company of his daughter they went for a walk around the ‘big city’.

The pictures of the couple in the American city were shared on both their Instagram accounts. In the pictures you can see the couple in the middle Times Square.

The attacker was happy in one of the most iconic places of the city. Díaz is one of the great examples of footballers who left the ‘neighbourhood’ to achieve the dreams they saw far away in their childhood.

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For now, the highest standard of the national team is waiting to get into the focus of the national team that will play both games USA.

PUBLISHED: September 17 – 2022

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