Marcel confirms that “we are becoming an increasingly secure economy” during his visit to New York | Economy

“In terms of risk, we’re becoming an increasingly safe economy,” said Treasury Secretary Mario Marcel from New York. The foreign minister took Gabriel Boric to the United Nations General Assembly where he is expected to hold meetings with foreign investors. “It’s also important to explain to investors what follows a constitutional referendum,” explained the former BC president.

Finance Minister Mario Marcel referred to the current state of Chile’s economy in the middle of the United Nations General Assembly.

From New York, the former president of the Central Bank pointed out that “The Chilean economy is on the way to making the changes it needs.” We are exceeding our fiscal targets.”

“In terms of risk, we are becoming an increasingly safe economy”he added.

Last Thursday, it was announced that Moody’s, a risk rating company, lowered Chile’s rating from A1 to A2. This, in light of the economic and fiscal developments that have weakened the country’s credit rating.

Marcel is expected to meet with foreign investors during his visit to the United States to explain the current scenario in Chile.

“It is also important to explain to investors what follows the referendum on the constitution. Basically, these things, the programs we have to promote investment, productivity”said the foreign minister.

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