Meet the historic six players who have hit 60 HR in a season

In a sport rich in preserving its history and worshiping its special players, there are two unique categories associated with the biggest hit a player can hit. We refer to the home run, the only hit that by itself is only capable of immediately yielding one run and at least one RBI.

The strides are the barrier for 60 home runs in a season, something the New York Yankees outfielder accomplished on Tuesday night. And the other is the 700-career barrier, something Albert Pujols is poised to climb this season, entering Wednesday’s game with 698 in his pocket.

Well, it turns out that 60 homers in a season have only been accomplished under Judge by six players in history. 700 mark for just three.

For the purpose of this article, today we will focus on recognizing six to hit 60 home runs in one season. When Pujols hits 700, we’ll delve into the feats that put Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron and Bambino Babe Ruth in the top three spots in that club.

But it is worth highlighting the specialness of these unique groups. For example, there are 26 pitchers with more than 300 major league wins; and 33 players with more than 3,000 hits.

Perhaps the only comparable is that there are six pitchers with 400 or more strikeouts in a season; and only four with more than 4,000 career strikeouts.

With that said, here are six with at least 60 home runs in a season:

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