Memes and critical reviews for Alberto’s photos and guitars

The Internet turned up the heat on Tuesday, September 20 after recognizing the photos of Alberto Fernandez in the musician’s studio Mark Platy with a luxury guitar, against his background tour of the United States to attend the meeting called by the United Nations General Assembly. Meanwhile, the Department of Internal Trade intervened to resolve the conflict between the newsstands and the company that sells them pictures of the World Cup in Qatar 2022. Both shows on the same day created a wave of memes, jokes and criticism brutal against the government.

Alberto Fernandez tested an expensive guitar used by David Bowie

This afternoon, through the account of the artist Mark Plati, it was learned that the president went to his studio and tested the legendary guitar that he once played. David Bowie: it’s a cherry colored Gibson ES 355 model, rated at more than 8 thousand dollars.

“Because sometimes the president of Argentina comes to your studio to test your guitars,” Plati said on his social networks, moments later deleting the image that created wave of criticism in the opposition.

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The government intervened in the conflict due to the lack of photos

Meanwhile has Secretary of Internal Affairs intervened in the conflict between the newsstands and the Panini company, which has the marketing rights figures of the world. For weeks, the kiosks’ merchants have decried the lack of figures, accusing the company of favoring alternative distribution channels: supermarkets, gas stations and delivery apps, among others.

Thus, Matias TomboliniSecretary of Internal Affairs, announced the other day that “it made the office’s legal and technical teams available to cooperate in the search for possible solutions between the parties regarding the marketing of World Cup images.”

The mediation of the office, together with the image of Alberto Fernandez that went viral, led to demonstrations about the outrage of the opposition leaders.

Criticism of Alberto Fernandez and the Minister of Internal Trade

The tweet from the president of PRO appeared immediately, Patricia Bullrichone of the first to express her outrage at the portrait of the head of state.

“In Argentina there is a lack of figures about the World Cup a “state affairs”. Meanwhile, the president walks around trying out guitars in New York. Undoubtedly, these pictures are a mockery for all Argentines. A fourth-rate government!” Bullrich said.

Twitter / @PatoBullrich

“Abandoned”, “absurd” and “embarrassing” were some of the qualifiers used to define both elements. Different leaders of Together for Change and the opposition added their criticisms:

“In Ituzaingó a merchant told me “This government is not bad. It is outright abandonment. That’s exactly what I feel when I see the president playing guitar in New York,” he tweeted. Maria Eugenia Vidal.

Ricardo Lopez Murphy asked the president sternly, “If you want to try a guitar in New York, pay for the trip out of your own pocket.” Will you never get tired of making a fool of yourself with ours?“.

For its part, the legislature Roberto García Moritan He also crossed Alberto Fernandez: “Did you think the president was winning? He’s trying out a guitar in New York while half the country is starving.”

The senator Paul Daniel White attacked the Minister of Internal Trade: “Officers of the Ministry of Commerce should resign from the first to the last.” They cannot be in their positions or in pictures! Look at your priorities while people can’t afford to buy food and medicine,”

Today’s meme

The anger did not exclude the dose of humor that characterized the networks, which appeared in many memes which went viral in the Twitter community this afternoon:

Memes 20220920

Memes 20220920

Memes 20220920

Memes 20220920

Memes 20220920


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