Misleading tamale cake is one of the 10 worst foods

by Leslie Orozco

It went viral on the internet and in the media that a cooking portal decided to Tamale cakea typical dish from the country’s capital, was considered one of the worst foods in the world, but this information is misleading.

The portal Taste Atlas, a culinary map created by culinary enthusiasts, published a list of the 50 worst street food dishes, with the Mexican dish also known as “guajolota”, at the time of writing, ranked ninth on the list, but what? Is it really one of the worst dishes in the world?

What we know about the list

According to the site, ranking was done through a a poll (which continues to be updated) but the methodology is not mentioned, nor is the type of group surveyed. No distinction is made between which factors are taken into account, such as: flavors, calories, ingredients, fat, preservatives, geographical location, etc.

Also, parameters such as validation, which represents the range of accuracy of the tester, are not set; or reliability which seeks to measure the consistency of the information, so it is difficult to determine the reliability of the result.

Although it is mentioned that it is street food, salty and sweet food do not have different parameters and are in the same list.

Most eligible dishes include sausage in their preparation, but this is not mentioned if the list focuses on this type of food.

In the ranking in question, guajolota received a score of 3.4 stars and a story about its creation is mentioned, where they assure that the original version consisted of a red enchilada tortilla, with pork and pambazo bread that was modified over time. today as a tamale cake.

Tamale cake isn’t the only Mexican dish on the list

When reviewing the list for this verification, the tamale cake was not the only representative of Mexican cuisine on the list, as gut tacos they were ranked 17th worst dish, with 3.5 stars.

Also is cuban cakemade with ingredients such as cheese, pork, avocado, tomatoes, ham, chorizo, among other ingredients, was ranked 14th worst street food and in another publication on the same page ranked 3rd of the 5 worst sandwiches in the world.

the worst dishes

As of September 16, the ten worst street food dishes are:

  1. Kuzu kelle / Turkey

The worst dish, which received 2.6 stars, consists of a sheep’s head which can be boiled and served cold or fried and served hot.

  1. Macun / Turkey


It’s a street food named after sugar paste that can be sold on a stick, with a rating of 2.9 stars.

  1. Balut / Philippines


The dish consists of a fertilized duck egg and with the embryo inside that has already been cooked, it is usually eaten straight from the egg, it gets a rating of 2.9 stars according to the survey.

  1. Satecroket / Netherlands


This snack is a combination of peanut sauce with meat ragu which is bread with flour, which is fried and served in a bun. 3 star rating.

  1. Dodger Dog / United States


A hot dog sold at Dodger’s ballpark in Los Angeles makes the list with a 3.1 star rating.

  1. Berenklauw / Netherlands


Also from the Netherlands, this skewer comes with meatballs with onion rings that are later browned with peanut sauce, tomatoes, peppers and more. It has 3.3 stars.

  1. Kapsalon / Netherlands


In Rotterdam, the Netherlands, these fries are covered in meat and melted gouda cheese, served with salad and a garlic and hot sauce dressing, with a 3.4 star rating.

  1. Churchkhela / Georgia


Made with roasted peanuts bathed in sweet grape juice, this Eurasian dessert is rated 3.4 stars.

  1. Tamale cake / Mexico


The tamale cake consists of a Mexican bolillo filled with tamale that can be of different flavors, with sauce, cheese or atole, among others. It has a 3.5 star rating.

  1. Caramel Apples / United States

Apples identified with the American Union but consumed around the world are dipped in caramel and melted sugar in 10th place with a rating of 3.4 stars.

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