New York Triennial of Latin American Art with artists from Salvador

Three Salvadorans participate in the New York Latin American Art Triennial (NYLAAT), the 2022 edition. Mauricio Esquivel, Guillermo Araujo and Efraín Caravantes are among the 250 artists invited to the exhibition.

under a hat Bronx Hispanic Festival, the triennial includes a series of free shows and events that will be held at eight locations in New YorkLike BronxArtsSpace, Lehman College Art Gallery, Pace University Galleryincluding from September 2022 to January 2023.

Mauricio Esquivel will present his work in Pace University Gallerybetween 23 September and 29 October 2022. Y William Araujo Y Ephraim Caravantes will present their work at the festival Salur engraving of the triennialat BronxArtSpace, in between 28 September and 5 November 2022.

In this version of NYLAAT (with abbreviation in English), organizers the triennial suggested the titleAbya Yala: Structural Origins“, and seeks to examine “the diverse processes and creative forms inspired by traditional methodologies, materials and concepts that were introduced at different stages of cultural and intellectual growth in the continent”.

In this edition, we “try to make connections between modern art on the continent and the intended use of materials, elements and the spontaneous form of expression of the first inhabitants of this regionsuch as rugs, baskets, goldsmithing, pottery, textiles, altars, rituals, paintings closely related to tapestries, sculptures in clay, stone and metal,” they explained in the event’s official document.

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The artists

Mauricio Esquivel has lived in New York for five years and represented The savior at various biennials since 2009. He has also been co-curator of exhibitions within the country and abroad.

Mauricio participates in this triennial with the project “offset line“. “This is a project based on science numerologywhere I make small interventions that question the representation of historical events,” says the artist.

This is a coin setup 25 centswhich the artist has reduced from the characteristic eagles, which are on one side.

“Specifically, this work seeks to eliminate the mode of use as an object of exchange or trade, seeking to rethink what we give value”,

said Mauricio Esquivel.

Work from the series “Displacement Line”, by the artist Mauricio Esquivel. Photo: courtesy / Mauricio Esquivel

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William Araujo is an art and culture manager, in addition to having worked as a university teacher in Iceland Don Bosco University and Dr. José Matías Delgado University.

Guillermo Araujo is also the author of the project “La Casa Alegre” in Usulutan. Photo: courtesy / Guillermo Araujo

He has various studies in Central America, the Dominican Republic and Europe, in areas such as graphic design, art, illustration, preservation of artistic heritage and the use of new technologies, among others.

For this event, Guillermo has created a linoleum print with the same name as the Triennale: “Abya Yala“.

“My suggestion represents the flowering of our peoples in a country rich in its diversity and strength. Hands intertwine cultivation and cultivation with the multicultural fertilizer that unites us and identifies us in our customs, tastes, materials, sounds, mother tongue and essence”.

explained Guillermo Araujo.

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Ephraim Caravantes He is a multidisciplinary artist, he moves between art and literature, “often mixing between both disciplines”, he said.

Plastic artist Efraín Caravantes, one of the three Salvadorans participating in NYLAAT 2022. Photo: courtesy / Efraín Caravantes

In this Triennial, Efraín presents a work that mixes both disciplines: “A mirror“.

“This is an identical version of”House”, a book I worked on XLIII flower games of Zacatecoluca at the end of 2020. It is a hybrid between the ancient tradition of pre-Columbian engraving and modern conceptual engraving,” he said.

Efrain has fashioned two clay seals that reproduce the words “ego“Y”echo” and has formed with the impressions of seals the silhouette of his body, which had previously been traced on a brain image of him.

Human silhouette with clay stamp. Photo: courtesy / Efraín Caravantes

“Using this ancient tradition, two words and a medical document, I seek to create a bridge between
communication with the viewer mirror language where you can see and think about the here and now, the result of various traditions and erosion,” he assured.

Access the official pages of the triennial and the art galleries and the social narratives of the event and national artists by following the direct links in the words highlighted in blue in the text.


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