New York will install more than 5 thousand video cameras in the subway system

New York authorities will set upno video cameras in all the carriages of the network meter of the city, at the same time that user complaints about the safety of this mode of transport, which is the key to the economic activity of the metropolis, are doubling.

Specifically, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will install 5,400 video cameras in 2,700 subway cars (two for each) to increase surveillance, with the goal of improving “security coverage” and “increasing passenger confidence in the safety of public transportation,” it said in a statement. released today.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, New Yorkers have doubled down on their complaints about safety in the subway, to the extent that many say they have sought other means of transportation for fear of being attacked.


In this environment of mistrust, there have been several cases of assassinations and attacks on transport system platforms that have encouragedemor to use this mode of transport which moves millions of people daily.

On September 14, 3.7 million people used the subway, the highest number of users since the outbreak of the epidemic, when the number of passengers fell by 90%.

“We will install cameras in all subway cars to increase our security capabilities, prevent crime and support our law enforcement,” said New York State Governor Kathy Hochul.

The cost of the project will be 5.5 million dollars and the installation of the video equipment is expected to be completed in 2025.

The statement does not specify when the placement of the cameras will begin, limiting itself to ensuring that as soon as it begins, they will be equipped on one hundred carriages each month.

According to the Metropolitan Authority, there are now 10,000 video cameras spread across the area 472 stations of the subway system.

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