Pablo Motos dares with ‘El Tucanazo’, the song that Becky G dances for her concert: “I love it”

Tonight in ‘El Hormiguero 3.0’ we have a visit from the American singer and actress Becky G. The American will perform in Spain shortly at the Urban District Festival. He has recently released a new song with the Spanish Daviles de Novelda, called “Amantes”, which has already become a worldwide hit.

Becky G entered the set of the program to a standing ovation from the crowd and after sitting in a chair “The Anthill 3.0′Pablo Motos has congratulated him on his recent nominations for the award Latin Grammys 2022: “We arrived in Madrid yesterday and today I found out that I have been nominated four times for the award,” she said with a smile.

“I’ve eaten all the ham they put me backstage”

The artist has said that this time a large part of her family is with her on a visit to Spain: “It’s something very nice,” she says.

Pablo Motos has asked him about the food in our country: “I love it,” he confesses, although he doesn’t think the food in Spain is very spicy: “Have you tried patatas bravas?” Pablo asks. “Patatas bravas are the wildest we can find in all of Spain, So I love it,” he says.

has also recognized his fall for ham and that everything they put in it was eaten backstage.

His hobby before every gig

On the show, Becky has explained all her pre-stage rituals: “I love to clean when I’m a bit stressed, so I do it before every gig,” she says. He also assures that he prays and drinks tequila before every show: “You have to give everything before you go on stage and the tequila It’s hot,” he admits.

In addition, the artist has also admitted that she cleans everything to “give off good vibes” and before going on stage she also dances with her team to a song called “the toucanPablo Motos has not hesitated dancing with becky g this catchy song ¡Momentazo! “I’m going to put it on my cell phone,” the presenter admitted.

A special gift for your fans

The artist has announced exclusively in ‘The Anthill 3.0‘ which is prepared a music video about his time in Spain: “This country is very special to me and I wanted to take you on this adventure with me during my stay,” he pointed out.

The artist will release a music video, something similar to a vlog, about his stay in Spain. A very special gift that your fans will go crazy over!

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