Paula Badosa takes up boxing

Paula Badosa takes up boxing. Due to poor tennis results in recent weeks, which puts its presence in the Masters Cup at the end of the year in jeopardy, Catalonia has decided to try boxing…and he’s not bad at all. Perhaps inspired by the great Muhammad Ali, 4 in the world has surprised many with his talent in the ring. He hits very hard and is quite nice.

Juan Betancourt Instagram

Far from going alone to fight the bag, Badosa has been accompanied by two madelman’s of the sport. muscular and strong, Miguel Brocca -who is supposed to be the coach- and Juan Betancourt -her boyfriend- They have been his dance partners. Both have also hit the foam of the bag hard and released steam. Boxing is an ideal sport to release stress. And surely all three have: their lives are very busy.

The importance of mental health

Paula suffered from depression in 2015 after becoming the Roland Garros junior champion. Since then, she knows better than any other tennis player what the sport is for release toxins and release negative and obscene emotions. Hitting the bag hard, paddling a kayak or practicing other more static sports like chess will help you balance a lot. The Catalan tennis player knows this well and takes care when she can to show the positive effects of her training through social media. Now, with Juan and Miguel, at the end of his training, he has given repost to the photo your partner has uploaded. The three are out showing off their ‘six packs’: they have proven successful.

Paula Badosa in the gym

The couple at the gym?

Some people may find it exhausting to be stuck like a papara all the time and the gym is their moment of salvation. Away from Wifi and mobile data, weight rooms are ideal for disconnecting and forget your problems for a while. However, for many lovebirds and mobile phone addicts, this turns out to be the case. Not knowing anything about your boyfriend causes you stress and tension. What are you going to do? Is he messing with someone else? Nonsense… Only those who are in a relationship can think that crazy and even if they go to the gym together, this doesn’t seem to be the case for Betancourt and Badosa. They don’t just go to the boxing gym, they also work up a sweat in the weight room. Before she left for New York, the city where the US Open Championship is held and where she was also accompanied in the past. winner of ‘The Challenge’, Paula and Juan also went to the gym to prepare for the installation. They did it together with their tennis coach, George Garcia. We suggest that the three of them next meet with a Catalan teacher: in this way they recall a bit of the main language of Catalonia, what Paula considers a sad dialect.

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