Pedro Sánchez censors racism against Vinicius

The racist elements against Vinicius JR lived in Metropolitan Civitas in the celebrations of the Battle of Madrid, they continue to have their echo in the public arena, and the last to comment on the situation was the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez. has done in Politicallybefore the United Nations General Assembly in New York, where he admitted his regrets: “I’m a big Atletico Madrid fan, so I’m sad.“.

Furthermore, Sanchez He has used the moment to send a message to the mattress team and to all teams in general. “I expect a strong message from the clubs against this behavior. This is what I would ask my team”has recognized the president, who is aware of the impact of these actions. “I think it is important that football clubs take this type of behavior seriously and act”has added.

A media storm that, as he remembers Politicallystarted last week when the talk show host El Chiringuito, Pedro Bravo, who in turn is president of the Footballers’ Association, referred to “doing the monkey” with the celebrations over the Brazilian’s goal.. And despite Bravo apologizing, claiming the phrase was a metaphor and referring to “doing stupid things,” the snowball has continued to grow.

For its part, in a statement published by athletic, Atlético condemned what happened. “These types of attitudes of a few do not represent anyone and we make it clear that we are completely against racism“, said the Madrid team, which is not the first time it has participated in an episode of these characteristics.

The Congress condemns racism in sports after the insult to Vinícius

The parliamentary session has adopted an institutional statement condemning violence, racism and intolerance in post-apartheid sports. as a minority group of Atlético de Madrid supporters said against Real Madrid player Vinícius Júnior.

The spokesperson of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, has presented the text of this initiative, which has been approved and signed by all parliamentary parties and indicates that the parliament declares “Absolute rejection of violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sports and in all other fields“.

We believe that football teaches many people and it is extremely worrying that in that game (last Sunday between Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid) a player was called a monkey.”lamented Errejón at a press conference after stressing that it was necessary that the “seat of popular sovereignty” not look the other way.

The founding declaration urges La Liga, UEFA, FIFA, the sports associations and also the athletes involved, as well as the supreme sports council and all public authorities to remain committed to eliminating violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport.

The text indicates the will to reach an agreement between the parliamentary parties to promote respect in the field of sport and the necessary actions to eradicate intolerance, racism, xenophobia and all forms of violence.

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