Photos of Cristina Pedroche in New York show her arms and back: ‘Brutal’

Cristina Pedroche is enjoying some dream days in New York, a city where she never stops making plans and, of course, sharing them on Instagram. And while many of the reactions it generates are about the ride, some users have focused on clapping the magnificent physical form the TV personality.

This is verified in the latest photographs that the comedian has published on the social network, where she appears pretending to sneak into the subway in New York. It pulls humor and is attached to the bars of the entrance door, it shows a back and some arms that they have passed through many hours of physical activity.

His followers have praised him for it. “fierce”, “complete”, “I can’t stop looking back on this” or “the back freaks me out” are some of the messages that are read on the comment board. The post has more than 6,000 likes.

Some time ago, the face of Atresmedia decided to change his lifestyle so he focused on following a healthy diet, doing sports and meditating. Now You can’t help but stick to this routine. And there is no need to deny it.

“The body is super wise. Since I was 25 I have taken very good care of myself and when I try something with too much sugar I don’t like it. If you eat healthy and combine it with a little sport, you are divine. Not just on the outside, but also on the inside. There are people who prefer to take care of themselves, but you’ll never take good care of yourself if you don’t take care of yourself first.” he said in an interview with 20 minutes.

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