President Gustavo Petro denied being drunk in an intervention he made from New York

On Monday, September 19, President Gustavo Petro addressed the UN Summit on the Transformation of Education.  PHOTO: President of the Republic
On Monday, September 19, President Gustavo Petro addressed the UN Summit on the Transformation of Education. PHOTO: President of the Republic

The President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, traveled on Sunday to New York City in the United States to fulfill an agenda that includes several international commitments. Really, traveled to participate in the United Nations Summit on Education Transformation (UN), a meeting he had the opportunity to lead.

Before he held the presidency of the United Nations Assembly, the president of Colombia came to a square in the American city to address a crowd the number of people who were waiting for his arrival. In it, he referred to the change that he brings to the country and, as usual in the speeches of the president, he made some metaphors that netizens used to distort his argument.

It didn’t take long for a video that was notoriously edited, where the original speed of the footage had been altered to simulate a state of intoxication, to go viral on social media.

The rain of criticism fell on the Colombian leader with the aim of discrediting his visit to the North American country, for which some people repeated the video.accusing the president of addressing public opinion while drunk.

“SHALL WE KEEP THIS? This is the picture of Colombia abroad, drunk president and with a lot of *things* in my head,” said a user via the social network Twitter.

“While the one on the left is a drunk who makes us look bad.” abroad, the one on the right does not stop adding praise and recognition for his wisdom, human quality and level of expression,” responded another person who shared the apparently edited video.

Next is an edited video uploaded to the Internet in which the Colombian leader is accused of being intoxicated.

Updated video accusing President Petro of being drunk

Despite these comments against President Gustavo Petro, support for the President was also reflected from social media.

“Many happy people use lies to hurt (“cross the moral line” they told him during the campaign). Neither Petro was drunk, nor Claudia García Jaramillo received resources from the Duque administration, nor has the Minister of Mines been in the guerillas. Is it that hard to criticize with reason?” added Twitter.

“This is the real video and not the one that the Uribistas manipulate again, now as president, of the intervention of Gustavo Petro in New York, to say that he was drunk. With lies the Uribistas insist on justifying their opposition”. explained the user, while posting the original video.

Finallythe president had to come forward to defend his name and even reminded journalist and columnist Ernesto Yamhure that slander is a criminal offense in Colombia, as the president did when he verified that Yamhure also shared an edited video with the message “Y Chupe Guadalupe.”

That’s how the head of state referred to the video, which was shared until it went viral on social media, to the extent that the thread was trending on Twitter on Monday night.

Statement by President Gustavo Petro.  Photo taken by @petrogustavo
Statement by President Gustavo Petro. Photo taken by @petrogustavo

In addition to participating in the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations, the President of Colombia has scheduled a program for the remaining two days of his visit to the United States, where he holds meetings with members from Eurasia, Linkup Global and the ‘US Chamber of Commerce’.

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