Queen Sofia goes to the synagogue of the Aragonese Ángel Orensanz in New York to preside over the exaltation of flamenco.

At 8:15 PM on Wednesday, September 14, 172 Norfolk Street (New York’s Lower East Side) was buzzing with anticipation. Representatives of various media gathered at the door of the synagogue owned by Huesca sculptor Ángel Orensanz in this corner of the city that never sleeps; a place used to excitement, which just three days earlier ended a five-night break during New York Fashion Week. The reason was cultural: the presentation of the show “Authentic Flamenco”, part of Teatro Real’s commitment to the first American tour in its history.

Gregorio Marañón y Bertrán de Lis, President of the Board of Trustees of the Royal Theater, along with Orensanz himself, took care of welcoming the evening’s guest of honor, Queen Sofia. He also noted the presence of the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, framed in another reason for the celebrations: the fortieth anniversary of twinning between the Spanish capital and New York, which also coincides with Hispanic Heritage Month. With flamenco on stage, there were also two other Spanish icons in the world: ham and wine.

At the president’s table that evening, in addition to those mentioned and led by Doña Sofía, sat the Spanish ambassador to the United States, Santiago Cabañas; Susan and David Rockefeller; Beatrice Brown or the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports in the Region of Madrid, Marta Rivera de la Cruz. Among the public there were some familiar faces from the arts, first the popular actresses Silvia Marsó or Natalía Millán. The first one was particularly moving with the host, to the extent that she expressed her admiration for Orensanz’s work in the City of Skyscrapers out loud to several attendees. The meeting, without abandoning the ceremony that is a prerequisite for a ceremony with the presence of a member of the royal family, also had a bohemian-bourgeois element that improved the final result. It was priceless to see Orensanz throw a carnation in the air to photograph it against the light, to the amused gaze of those present.

Spanish Footprint in the United States

‘Authentic Flamenco’ is a performance that lasts over an hour which has been showing since last Friday September 9th at the Harlem Parish Theater in New York, where it runs through October 9 (15 performances) before moving to the Miracle Theater in Washington (another 11 runs through November 6) and finally to Dallas between November 10 and 20. The flamenco show is led by dancer, choreographer and director Amador Rojas, dance and choreography by Yolanda Osuna.

Bathed in spectacular red light, the performance at the Lower East Side Synagogue was a resounding success which was later extended to the “photo call” with impromptu clapping and heel clicking that charmed Doña Sofía. Behind the curtain, the aforementioned improvisation and Queen Sofia’s farewell, surrounded at all times by the 200 guests who were at the show, two buses with a large part of the entourage left for the Park Central Hotel.

Spanish culture continues its journey in New York on Thursday. The opera group Teatro Real makes its debut at Carnegie Hall with the exhibition ‘A Celebration Of Spanish Music’ which Queen Sofia will also attend. Javier Perianes, Zaragoza soprano Sabina Puértolas and Juanjo Mena, who will conduct the Royal Theater Orchestra, are the big names on the bill for an evening that also includes a gala dinner.

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