Rain of criticism: see the place that tried to copy KFC and went viral on TikTok

The Peruvian’s creativity went viral on TikTok when he launched his project with an uncanny resemblance to KFC. The fact was recorded in Puente Piedra.

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Photos from the video posted by @tuconerofav on TikTok

There is no doubt that TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, among other social networks show us surprising and curious things that quickly become video viral in the internet world. Proof of that is a company called AFC, which is very similar to the popular KFC fast food site.

Once again, the ingenuity and creativity of Peruvians is once again causing havoc on TikTok. In earlier days, you could see a small market called “Less”, which opened its doors in front of the chain of stores “Mass” belonging to the same category. Users of the short video platform also witnessed the existence of a pharmacy called “Healthy, healthy, if you don’t heal today, you heal tomorrow”, and now a company called AFC, which sells fast food similar to the American chain KFC, was exposed.

What caught the most attention and made users laugh is that not only the name is similar, but also the logo where Colonel Sanders is appreciated. This is slightly different in the face of the well-known colonel.

The video It begins by showing a line of blue motorcycle taxis, until the camera focuses on a small sign that says AFC Fast Food, with a picture of a man wearing the same suit as Colonel Sanders. The clip It only takes 14 seconds and so far it has generated more than 818k views, 63k likes and more than 2,800 comments.

Once again said content followed by the famous sound of SpongeBob, known as “What is it”.

The similarities in both businesses are not only in the name and logo, but also in the product they offer, which are chicken nuggets, french fries and soda. According to him TikTok user @tuconerofav who was the author of the audio and video said that the location was shot in the Puente Piedra neighborhood.

User reaction to the viral video

The funny and intriguing name did not go unnoticed by people who quickly embraced the business owner’s ingenuity and also asked what the meaning of AFC was. Likewise, another group described the grace the name had brought to them.

Notable comments included the following:

“Oh rays! It was true what they said about the existence of the place”added one user.

“It’s like the friend who does the same thing, but cheaper”replied another follower.

“I don’t say anything and I don’t criticize because I feel it’s about my country, that is Peru, haha.

“Haha, it makes me laugh, but I’ll tell you, there’s a place in my neighborhood called KPC, and I don’t know which one is funnier.”

“At least tell me it’s KFC’s son, please.”

“We Peruvians are always creative, there is no doubt.”

“Something similar happened to the accountant who works with me. He gave me a card with the CK logo on it and I thought it was Calvin Klein, but it turned out to be “Kevin the Accountant”. It was very funny.”

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