Reports from New York, by Fernando Carvallo [COLUMNA]

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president Peter’s castle He has used his presence in New York to send a message to private investors, Peruvians and foreigners. So much so Vladimir Cerron has shown signs of frustration by describing Castillo’s speech at the UN as “pro-American”. Some of his arguments echo the populist rhetoric of the country teacher, the farmer, and the inspector. clearly exist The castle he needs to remember his origins to claim that he does not come from the left and above all not from any extremism. Of course, he prefers to leave out any reference to his candidacy for Free Perua party whose ideology is based on the most outdated Marxism-Leninism. Castle It has been presented as a guarantor of legal certainty, and therefore encourages investors to feel confident in a country that, like Peru, has shown signs of macroeconomic strength despite everything. Trust cannot be dictated, much less achieved on the basis of words. You work in the field of activities when you have to make difficult decisions and can correct mistakes and withstand pressure. In Peru, several definitions await him, such as those concerning mining projects such as Las Bambas and Quellaveco. But also in labor matters, where the principle of outsourcing was approved without discussion in the People’s Union. Trust also requires respect for the activities of the institutions, which is the opposite of what has been done so far regarding tax investigations involving the government itself. The castle. Despite everything, the organizers of the business conference, CADE, have an official invitation to the annual event planned in Paracas next November. In the meantime we will have seen whether the words spoken in New York were only for the pulpit or mark a correction of the line.

Things as they are

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