Restaurants to travel with in the summer if you are staying in Madrid

When summer comes, it’s time too vacations and vacations. However, and unfortunately, there are many people who stay in Madrid for work or other reasons.

That’s why we at Viajestic wanted to summarize themrestaurants that transport you to another country without leaving Madrid. Italians, Asians or Americans, definitely because of the aesthetics and the food it gives you the feeling that you are somewhere other than the city, when you eat or dine in them.

1. Capri Villa

Villa Capri he is the restaurant’s little brother Bel Mondo (Big Mamma Group), is located at 118 Hortaleza Street and transports you directly to the Amalfi Coast with decorations, dishes and cocktails, which are an authentic taste explosion. It is open from Sunday to Thursday from 13:30 to 16:00 and from 19:30 to 23:45 and Friday and Saturday from 13:00 to 23:45. In addition, you can come unannounced.

2. Le Macau

Le Macaolocated in Paseo de la Castellana 95, is a restaurant in Madrid that combines Japanese cuisine with Indochinese cuisine, with the colonial essence of countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia or Japan. There you can try many typical dishes such as a selection of sushi, gyozas or tiger prawns, among many others.

3. Samo’s BBQ

It is located in square in Peru 1 and it’s a true tribute to the world of barbecue through roasted and smoked meats, US food truck inspired sandwiches and the now famous ground burgers. So it is ideal if you want to have the feeling of being in America.

4.Ditaly Pizza

They have several stores scattered around the city, such as the one on call Eloy Gonzalo 8 and their motto is “elegance made pizza” and they are not wrong, as the ingredients and products of their Neapolitan cuisine come from Italy.

5. Naples Gang

Back to the restaurants that transport you to Naples, there’s Napoly Gang, with some pizzas that will definitely make you feel like you’re in Italy’s iconic city. It is located in 10 Santa Clara Street and besides being a restaurant, it is also deliberate, because you can order without having to enter the premises with a QR code that you will find in the window at your entrance.

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