Rosalía throws an after party at a club in New York after sweeping the Motomami Tour

After the collapse of Spain and Latin America, the Motomami Tour stops these days in North America. The first stop was at New Yorkcity ​​where Rosalía has shown her show two nights in a row at the renowned Radio City Music Hall.

Although the singer had to overcome technical difficulties on the first night, the public fell in love with the power of Motomami singing her most famous songs. It was in the first few seconds badly as the artist approached the table Llorenc Barceló keyboard player to alert his team to the audio problems that were occurring.

This setback didn’t affect the rest of the straight too much, which went off without much difficulty. Frank Oceanwho has been Rosalía’s inspiration for her third LP and is one of her main references, was in the audience that first night.

Rosalia he debuted costumes both nights. The first one did it with a set in black and white tones and the second one wore a leather biker style jacket that was very much in line with the look of this trip but with fluorescent colors instead of classic shades of black or red.

Rosalia’s after party in New York after her second show

It was Monday night when the singer, after finishing her second show in a row at Radio City Music Hall, took a few hours off to go out in New York.

The singer visited club 3 dollar bill and there she was encouraged to give a small performance for her fans, who cheered and applauded her behind a security fence. Dressed in a super-tight black lycra jumpsuit with matching leg warmers, Rosalía oscillated between folk moves and rap tunes.

Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid wanted to miss this second show of the Motomami -which hung a sold out sign- and they hid among the public without using any VIP box.

Then they met backstage, where they congratulated Catalonia on the show and gave her a bouquet of roses. Motomami conquers any place she steps on. Everything that everything transforms.

When the show ended, Rosalia’s fans gathered outside Radio City Music Hall to celebrate the motomami’s success. There was no shortage of dancing and choirs.

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