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Boric criticized Russia’s war in Ukraine and says it caused price increases in Chile

Speaking at the UN on Tuesday, Chilean President Gabriel Boric slammed Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, also pointing out that this war has caused a rise in prices in Western economies.

“The unjust war of aggression unleashed by Russia in Ukraine pushed up fuel prices and caused shortages of grain and fertilizer, which had a strong impact on our economy and certainly on many of you,” Boric told ONU.

The president of Chile also referred to the trade war between the United States and China, in the administration of Trump, as well as the pandemic, “destabilizing the world economy and also affecting ours,” speaking about Chile.

Referring to the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, Boric said it had “generated a flow of refugees that is unprecedented in our region and in our country, putting enormous pressure on our institutions and our society.”

On the climate crisis, a common theme of the General Assembly, Boric said the climate crisis affects the Americas “with particular force” and also “especially the Caribbean and the livelihoods of our people,” he said.

The social crisis in Chile

The Chilean president also spoke about the intense political process he is going through and said that by sharing this experience, he hopes those attending the UN can learn their own lessons.

“We are a country that has been searching for its own path to dignity for a long time,” Boric said. “And while the democratic governments of recent years have seen a significant reduction in poverty and important social progress, it is undeniable that the development model we adopted in Chle has maintained a high concentration of wealth, which has led us to be one of … the world’s most unequal countries”.

“This inequality, as it certainly occurs elsewhere, has hindered our development. But not only that. It is a hidden threat to democracy, as it breaks society itself apart, destroys social cohesion, and therefore ends up be an obstacle. to understand each other and build together a future that is freer and fairer,” Boric said when speaking about the social outbreak in his country in 2019.

The president, who has been in office since March 2022, condemned the “serious violation of human rights” with “uncontrolled repression that ended in deaths, injuries and more than 400 victims of eye injuries, the result of state action”.

These actions, said Boricas, must be corrected “and they will be.”

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