Sports win 4 MLB and NFL teams and achieve records

The world of sports has very curious moments that give way to data with the same characteristic. One of them is what happened on Sunday, September 18 because of that four (4) New York teams won and set records. Both The Mets like the Yankees in the MLB were successful and so were the Jets and Giants in the NFL.

The New York Mets and Yankees won their games on Sunday, September 18 in Major League Baseball (MLB). And the Jets and Giants did their thing in the NFL.

According to SNY, this is the first time all four (4) teams in New York City have won on the same day since September 27, 2009; an interesting fact from the sports world.

The city of New York is known to be one of the capitals of the world for the characteristics it has. And in baseball and professional football, they also have historic teams.

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