The “A team” of Spanish sport conquers the world

Hto the past And as much as he has. In just one year The “A Team” of Spanish sport He has exceeded all predictions of his potential, reaching heights almost impossible for athletes at such a young age.

And that’s it, a number of athletes with enormous powers keep emerging who start to devour the world and their aspirations end up bumping into a wall of ruthless professionalism.. Unfortunately, this happens at a very high rate in constant attempts to reach the top.

However, this generation of Spaniards has something special. You don’t know why, but you sense that they are not about to hit that famous wall of reality. Charisma, effort, humility and talent. Especially a lot of talent.

Of course, the status of each member of this group may not be the same. Comparing the times in each sport would be terribly unfair, so it takes a certain amount of time to get to the top in each discipline, especially if the sport in question is a team sport.

This particular team A already has in its trophy case a a World Championship, Grand Slam, World Championship or Tour of Spain podium.


The 18-year-old Murcian was crowned as Moto3 world champion last season and became the youngest Spanish rider in history to achieve such a feat, beating Mrquez, Lorenzo or Pedrosa.

Now, after a difficult start in Moto2, he has started to amaze and has even taken his first victory. Next season he will start as one of the favorites to take the title in the second category of the World Motorcycle Championship.


It is the feeling of the world sport. There is no record of an equal disorder in history. His 2022 is spectacular with Masters 1,000 wins, defeated Nadal and Djokovic among others, and with the perfect icing on the cake in New York with the victory in it US Open and number one.

Alcaraz already dominates world tennis and is only 19 years old. It has managed to cross a whole generation (Next Gen), He promises them very happy to inherit the throne of tennis from the “big three” until the arrival of Carlitos, and now to see who is able to take the crown from him.


The achievement of the Alicante runner is centuries old. And that’s it, in LVuelta 2022 has managed to equal the record from 118 years ago!!! Ayuso, who has made it clear with his performance that he will be a giant, has become, at 19, the youngest cyclist to touch the podium at the Tour of Spain since 1904. Brutal.

This one from Jvea represents the light at the end of the tunnel for Spanish cycling in need of new stars. Its immense versatility and early will ensure great joy for the national team. For now, he would have been the leader of the team for the next World Cup on the road if mental and physical fatigue had not set in “It is always an honor to represent Spain and we will continue to work to have other opportunities in the future to raise the country’s name.” It’s been an amazing but very challenging three weeks and I feel I need to recover physically and mentally.“, assured the UAE phenomenon.


It continues to display the football flag. Despite a serious injury, he continues to be a great benchmark for the national team and one of Bara’s stars.. The Barça team does not want to take any chances with the jewel in the crown and takes endless precautions, even so that every minute on the field with Ansu is a gift.

The World Cup in Qatar could end up crowning a player called to be the star of the national team. The mere presence of Ansu Fati in Spain’s eleven can be decisive in the hopes of Luis Enrique’s “boys”.


The Canary continues to struggle to gain a foothold in the dreary atmosphere of the NBA. After coming out in the NCAA and in the lower parts of the Spanish team, Aldama continues his path to becoming a benchmark in basketball. In fact, his absence from Eurobasket is seen as a direct “request” from the Grizzlies, who are hoping their second year in the best league in the world will be one with a final blowout.

In the last summer league showed his tremendous ability for a 2.11 player with great speed and a very good hand. Their excellent numbers show the great strides made by power forward Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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