The American press echoed the opening of Victoria Vannucci’s restaurant in Los Angeles

Victoria Vanucci opened a healthy restaurant in Los Angeles

A few years ago and after starting a profound change in his life, Victoria Vanucci became a celebrity chef and opened a healthy restaurant in San Diego that she called Pachamama. And the experience was so positive that a week ago it was decided to open a new branch, this time, on Venice Beach, in Los Angeles.

When cutting the ribbon, vic -as it is known in the US- was accompanied by her children, Indiana Y Napoleon. And the images were echoed by several local media outlets, who shared a video detailing what the food proposal was all about and why the message it tries to convey is so important to care for the environment.

“Pachamama is not just another casual beachside restaurant. Its origins start all the way from the Amazon and offer unique organic street food, which is simply delicious”is explained in the recording echoed by the American press, after showing details of the dedication and service.

The American press echoed the opening of Victoria Vannucci’s restaurant

Then it is Vannucci herself who talks about the uniqueness of the menu offered at the place. “I’m Vick Vannucci, I’m here at Pachamama, my restaurant, in Venice Beach. Pachamama means Mother Earth in Quechua and we are a Peruvian-Japanese food term, the correct name is Nikkei. You can enjoy different types of empanadas, different types of sauces that come from Amazon. You can also have anticuchos. You will have a lot of food, vegan food too, smoked ham and a lot of food on the table to try,” he points out.

The restaurant is friendly so people who don’t eat animal food can also find an ideal place for fast food, fresh juice and coffee. and connects Bee Leaf United Statesan organization that provides consumers with fresh honey and promotes sustainability. Travis Wolfe, The director of the same, also explains in the video that appeared in the North American media what his role is.

The new Pachamama location is located in Venice Beach, Los Angeles
The new Pachamama location is located in Venice Beach, Los Angeles

Bee Leaf USA is a full service honey bee, where we rescue, relocate and rehabilitate them. We take bees that are not wanted in some places and would be exterminated and move them to sanctuaries where we rehabilitate them.. Then, once they’re rehabilitated, we put them back into the community, whether it’s in hotels, restaurants, or in your backyard. We’ve been fortunate enough to partner with Pachamama in San Diego, at their first location, where we introduced our honey dispenser. There is a place where you can buy a jar of honey, then bring a jar back and refill it at a discounted price. The reason for this is to reduce all the waste we create through food service, from single-use plastics to containers. Pachamama shows how we could do it differently,” he says.

It should be noted that after suffering from a deep depression as a result of the virality of photos of him hunting in Africa at the end of 2016, Vannucci decided to turn his life around 180 degrees. “When I saw myself in these pictures, I realized it was time for some serious changes.“, he assured in a conversation with the portal Local magazine, California. And since then, He decided to correct his past mistakes, by collaborating with organizations that promote respect for the earth and all living beings.

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