The best American restaurants in Madrid

All the people who live or have passed through Madrid At some stage in their lives, they will know that the capital is multicultural, not only because of the number of visitors from all countries it receives every year, but also because of those who stay.

Many of these visitors decide, when they settle, to open a local, bar or restaurant with typical food from their country or simply, the people of Madrid decide to innovate and try a trendy place to eat. Thanks to this, Madrid is also full of restaurants from many countries Italian, Asian or Mediterranean.

From Viajestic we wanted to create a list of the best American food restaurants in the capital so you can taste the typical chicken wings, hot dogs, hamburgers or fries:

1. Samo’s BBQ

It is located in square in Peru 1 and it’s a true tribute to the world of barbecue through fried and smoked meats, US food truck inspired sandwiches and the now famous ground burgers.

Its star dishes are the Pancho sandwich or the Philly Cheese Steak, but both nachos, wings and smoked meats are a pleasure to try for any palate.

2. Jimbo smoke house

It is located in Discoverer Square Diego de Ordás, 4 and among its most famous dishes are smoked meat or pork.

3. Steak burger

This franchise has many locations around the city, although the vast majority of them are in the city center, such as the one located on Gran Vía 16. Among the dishes that stand out the most are the burgers.

4. New York hamburger

The same happens as last year, it has some housing in the capital although most of them are in the center or strategic places in the outskirts like Alcobendas. One of its strong points is grilled hamburgers.

5. Nostra Burger

You can eat at one of the many places or order at home. Although it is not an American food place as such, its burgers are known by many in the capital.

6. Tony Roma

Continuing with the franchises is this restaurant (with several locations in Madrid) where the dishes are authentic American and range from ribs to ranch fries.

7. Rif

It is undoubtedly one of the most famous places for American food, not only in Madrid but in all of Spain, and its main dish is ribs with barbecue sauce.

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