The best articles to enjoy your own homemade crepes

If we talk about cuisine, sweets are one of the favorite dishes of many people. It is not for nothing that it is said that no one is bitter over sweetness. However, it’s one thing to enjoy a sweet dessert after eating or having pancakes or waffles for breakfast, and quite another to cook them.

However, today it is easy to have your own pastry kitchen. The tools to prepare waffles, crepes or even ice cream at home are becoming more and more accessible.

When choosing the best tool to cook these delicious tortillas, it is important that we take into account the quantity we are going to cook and the size of the pancake. Keep in mind that they must have a non-stick floor so that they can be transferred from the creperie to the plate without any problems. Some also have a thermometer, which prevents them from burning.

With this in mind, here is a selection of the best items for home baking.

The best seller

The Aigostar waffle maker has an innovative design, with deeper plates and a high-quality non-stick coating, which allows your waffles to cook perfectly and allows for quick and easy cleaning. Its square design improves the distribution of the dough and its uniform cooking; Its 800W power heats up faster and more efficiently, so the waffles are always ready in no time. Once connected, the indicator light on the waffle maker will come on at the same time as the red heat light. After about two minutes, the preheating is complete and you can place the batter to cook your waffles comfortably. It allows both horizontal and vertical storage, so it takes up very little space and has slippery feet.

The favorite

The 1,200-watt electric crunch maker is easy to use, thanks to the 12-inch non-stick plate. Its adjustable thermostat and its simple heating system maintain the same temperature throughout the surface for more uniform crepes. Includes utensils for making crepes.

The cheapest

The Melleware ‘Slurpy’ Professional Crepe Maker has enough power to make crepes quickly and evenly. Thanks to the light indicator, you will know when the pancake is ready to cook. Pour the batter on the bottom and with the help of the wooden spreader it is even. Adjust the temperature to your taste, wait for the specified time. It has a 30 cm surface and non-stick coating. You can make crepes, galettes and omelettes and remove them safely. Designed to be portable and take it with you wherever you want, easy to clean and also to store. Thanks to its small size, it adapts perfectly to all types of kitchens. Includes a dough spreader roller for an easy user experience, as well as protection against overheating.

with more capacity

The Cecotec 2-in-1 electric crepe maker has a double function, thanks to the Twin system with reversible plates, to be able to make a large crepe, four pancakes or smaller crepes. The plate with a diameter of 30.5 cm is removable for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe with a RockStone non-stick coating that prevents sticking and achieves the best results. With adjustable power, the indicator light lets you know when the crepe maker is ready to cook and the on/off switch with indicator light. Includes a rolling pin and spatula for an easy user experience.

the most versatile

The Tefal crepe maker with a modern design that can accommodate six people has a non-stick coating that allows you to make, as well as crepes, skewers, meat, vegetables, mushrooms, cheese, salmon, shrimp, just like a pan. The temperature indicator changes color when it reaches the ideal temperature recommended for cooking most dishes.

This is just a selection of the best products for making crepes at home. With these items you can enjoy a rich and healthy breakfast or snack. As we have seen, each crepe maker has a number of features that distinguish it from the others, including the number of crepes it can cook or the ability to cook other foods. Therefore, we recommend that you consider whether you want a product for cooking crepes only or whether you intend to use it more.

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