The cuisine of Dani García, the renowned chef with 3 Michelin stars, comes to Huelva

The A great Mediterranean familythe renowned chef’s delivery line Dani García disembarks in Huelva.

The popular chef from Marbella with three Michelin stars It now opens the headquarters of its food delivery company in the capital of Huelva, after already being present in other cities of Andalusia and in a total of 6 autonomous communities in the country.

Garcia, at the pinnacle of Spanish gastronomy thanks to its restaurants, has now reinvented itself to deliver its original and exquisite creations directly to diners’ homes. “The Great Mediterranean Family” This is the chef’s alliance with food delivery platforms such as Just Eat, thanks to which you can eat from the sofa at home specialties such as oxtail brioche, Leña Style roasted chicken croquettes, Mac and cheese with four Mediterranean cheeses, yogurt ice cream with bacon or nutella, popcorn and caramelized hazelnuts or even tuna tartare with stracciatella or pickle salad.

The chef bets on this concept, which is thought of as a ghost restaurant or dark kitchen. A restaurant that has no dining areas, just a kitchen with a chef who prepares the dishes to serve food at home.

A diverse cuisine, with an excellent menu that includes a multitude of cooking styles and cuisines from around the world. Whether it is Mexican food, Asian cuisine, Japanese sushi or traditional American or Spanish cuisine, on the La Gran Familia Mediterránea menu we will find options for every taste.

In addition, the letter is very original. It has a fun point with any food styles different cultures organized by categories which correspond to the names of fictional characters Inspired by a classic Spanish comic. All this to house a kitchen with almost 200 dishes under the seal of one of the best chefs in the country.

From the chain The great Mediterranean family They have not yet confirmed when the opening of the establishment in the capital will be. What is clear is that a sign displayed in the facility announces the company’s imminent arrival in Huelva. It will be located in Polígono Polirrosa, near Burger King.

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