The first restaurant where you can take a nap in Barcelona

  • Do you go through life sleepier than if you had moved to Elm Street? With the food here, they give you an hour in a padded cell.

  • The Nappuccino corners are “rest areas” for cafes and restaurants

Or that you had stayed to eat with Sleeping Beauty. A few meters from the tables, between a lobster roll and chips, is two upholstered bowls where you can consult the pillow between meals. A few pillows, a socket, an extra light like on your bedside table. You jump in with more force than paparazzi chasing Piqué’s girlfriend. It’s almost September: you go through life sleepier than if you’d moved to Elm Street. You lower the curtains, turn off the light, and close your eyes to soft music and strangers’ conversations. This is the first restaurant in Barcelona where you can have a nap without hunching over the plate.

is the new Barcelona lobster roll (Muntaner, 22). It was opened in June. A week later they had their siesta corner installed. “Nappuccino Corner & rdquor ;, announces a poster. It is a new nano license. “A rest area” designed for cafes, restaurants and “anywhere where it can be useful – notify your ideators-. Like a tax agency – they give ideas – where you have to wait for an hour & rdquor ;, they laugh.

Sylvain and Celina Delafond have become the gurus of Barcelona residents with dark circles. She is Polish, 29 years old; he, 36, french. There is no trace of dark circles under their eyes, no. Five years ago, in this same location, they opened Nappuccino, “the first coffee siesta in the world”, declared their website at the time. It was a cafeteria with six shaded cubicles. They have even mentioned it in the ‘Houston Chronicle’. They came to consider it among the “attractions of Barcelona & rdquor ;, next to the Sagrada Família, laughs Celina. They are the ones who came directly to “have a coffee siesta experience”.

Siesta coffee: you drink coffee and go to sleep. “That makes sense,” says Celina. Adenosine – explains Punset – is the chemical molecule that causes sleepiness; decreases when you take a nap. And it takes the body 20, 30 minutes to absorb caffeine. Conclusion: if you have coffee and a nap, you’ll theoretically wake up refreshed.

Nappuccino immediately became the epicenter of sleepy heads in Barcelona: a blanket magnet of neighborhood workers, students with more bags under their eyes than Benicio del Toro, tourists shuffling like zombies, some outrageous boyfriend after his bachelor party. “50% tourists, 50% locals -Celina defines the customer profile-. And a lot of ‘expat’, foreigners who live in Barcelona & rdquor ;. “Is it true that I can rest here?” a boy asked them once. “I’m very excited because I’m going to ask my girlfriend to marry me.”

“People only think about eating well and exercising, but if they don’t get enough sleep… Celina shrugs. It is very important to rest & rdquor ;. “A lot of people thought it was for lazy people,” adds Sylvain. But most rest 30, 45 minutes & rdquor ;. Although they have also witnessed 6 hour naps.

For Sylvain and Celina, it was an “experimental phase & rdquor ;, they justify the disappearance of the canteen. “The idea was to see if this concept worked.” And it did. “People need to rest sometimes and there is no resting place”, says Celina. They are already advocates for Nappuccino Corner in other countries.

They moved the premises to focus on the siesta business. They started “crowdfunding” and developed the first prototype: “We have made them much bigger, more comfortable & rdquor ;, in detail. “We have adapted them according to customer feedback & rdquor ;. “They should rest, not sleep,” Xiaoyong emphasizes behind the counter. He is the one behind the new restaurant with a nap corner. Xiaoyong Chi, 30, has been in Barcelona for 22. This is the first company he is starting without his family. Barcelona lobster roll. “85% of the people here don’t know him ””, he assumes. “The ‘lobster roll’ is an American staple,” he explains before you sink your teeth into it. They use the “sausage” and stuff it with lobster. We have “brioche” and we prepare the lobster every day”. And he shows you a group of crustaceans looking at you with little Nemo eyes. The empathy is removed as soon as you try the sandwicha. “Now I’d take a nap ”, several customers think aloud in front of the crumbs of their “rolls”. It will take them a few minutes to close their mouths after pointing to the beds in the back. “I’ve come to take a nap ”, confesses Nerea still horizontally. He has searched for it on Google. He takes his time to catch a train. “It’s very quiet,” he smiles. It is very curious & rdquor ;.

With a ‘roll’ (between €12.90 and €18.50) you get an hour’s free siesta. It depends on the influx of wreckers: there are only two beds, one takes a nap in order of arrival. Tinder daters beware: there’s no fast track option here. The cabinets are individual. It doesn’t matter if they come boy-girl, girl-girl, “even mother-son ”, Xiaoyong laughs.

“Ah, how cool & rdquo;, a customer smiles when he sees the beds. “How strange & rdquor ;, others release and turn their noses. Some go straight to the cells. “Many people think this is a public place to rest,” Xiaoyong snorts. It’s the first address that pops up when you Google ‘nap in Barcelona’. “This is not a hotel & rdquor ;, they have to insist on the restaurant, although they have already heard snoring. “If no one is there – Xiaoyong laughs – I try to turn up the music a bit. To mislead & rdquor ;.

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