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The marketthe first open kitchen space in Los Cabos, It receives between 2,000 and 4,200 visitors every day, depending on the tourist season, and has become one of Quivira’s most successful propositions.

Todd English is a famous chef which conquered New York dining by offering food from several countries under one roof, prepared quickly and with quality; a concept that Quivira adopted as well.

below ground level in The Plaza, one of the classic hotels in the Big Appleon the corner of Central Park and Fifth Avenue, was where English gained fame with his dining hall or a dining room, conceived as a culinary experience.

Ernesto Coppel Kelly, founder of the Pueblo Bonito Group, recognized this location in New York and hired the company that developed it to The market: A popular set of restaurants, bars and kitchens with tables chosen by diners at will and serving guests of hotels, timeshares, owners of houses and apartments Quivira; as well as external guests in the complex.

Jeffrey Beers Internationalthe company that designed Plaza Food Halldeveloped another concept that embodies the Californian Mexican atmosphere that is so popular in this destination.

The investment from the black work, for design, facilities and equipment was five million dollars; although it is valued at around $14 million including the property and building.

The market pioneered this concept in Los Cabos and five million dollars were written off in the first year of operation.

Step by step

The market offers Italian cuisine; second of Perfect balance, healthy food; another classic American food; also offers a menu of Asian dishes; a restaurant with traditional Mexican cuisine; chocolate shop; bar in the middle of the consumer islands and another, known as after closing, for drinks and snacks especially at the end of the day.

Federico Martínez is director of food and beverage at Grupo Pueblo Bonito and he had to recruit the team that continues to lead the Market, under supervision Chef Sergio Jimenez.

While working at El Palacio de los Palacios de Hierro, Mexico City’s most exclusive department store; Jiménez received a proposal that would change his life.

In addition to a better position and salary, Martínez offered him in Los Cabos a quality of life that is present in few other places in Mexico and a challenge that began with the formation of his group of colleagues.

The equipment of the kitchens required an investment of 1.4 million dollars, but it was the only way to guarantee the quality and the required time.

Seven years ago, on December 23, 2015, the Market opened its doors and has been successful ever since.

Consumption is part of the “all inclusive” concept that most guests and timeshare members bring; but it is also open with a 20% discount for property owners and can even be visited by external customers.

Antonio, the group’s DJ, is constantly evolving actingto help create a lively atmosphere in the morning, afternoon and evening.

To take into account

In The market The “all inclusive” wristband entitles you to consume most products except the chocolate; some premium drinks and certain very expensive products like Tomahawk and the lobster.

For consumption there is always no limit, but the dishes “to go” have an additional cost.

Owners of apartments and houses have a 20% discount who shows an ID.

To learn more about this place go here.

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