The New York-Palma flight, United Airlines’ most profitable flight in Spain

The direct route New York-Palma has become the most profitable of United Airlines in Spain this summer season, mainly due to the high demand it has had in the United States and due to the volume of scheduled flights, which has reached one hundred percent, as confirmed by the Consell and the Palma 365 Tourism Foundation.

The island’s tourism representative, Andreu Serra, says: «Between June 3, the day the first flight took place, and September 16, the balance could not be more positive and we trust that the programming of this route, due to its high recognition, will have a rebound effect in the low and medium season months in the US market through other airlines that are in the Star Alliance, which is the airline alliance of which it is part of United Airlines. Serra adds that “taking this route is the biggest success in terms of tourism in Mallorca in the current legislative session, because it has reached a market with high purchasing power that benefits to the entire tourist value chain on the island. In addition, United Airlines has come to stay and has brought Mallorca to tourist card North America”.

Between the first flight and the last flight, United has carried more than 9,600 American travelers to Palma. The association of travel agencies in the Balearic Islands Aviba points out in this regard that the success of this flight “has opened a new direct flight route from Palma to sought after destination, as it is New York ». The CEO of the Palma 365 Tourism Foundation, Pedro Homar, emphasizes that the balance “could not have been more positive as all forecasts have been far exceeded and the goal now is for United Airlines, given the excellent response, to increase the operational months of flights in 2023.”

Homar and Serra agree in pointing out that airline managers they haven’t made the decision yet, but everything indicates that they will move the plan forward to May and extend the flight until the middle or end of October. Arrival North American tourism has led since June to the arrival of tourists from high purchasing powerwhich has had a positive effect on Palma’s fashion hotels, on the full range of restaurants, on car rental services and private transport.

One of the most sought after products has been culinary art. The presentation by Forbes magazine has been in the foreground. i know too have organized private tours to the main cultural centers of the island. Finally, the fishing industry and golf have also benefited, which is why the marinas and clubs have introduced their marketing campaigns.

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