“The New York Times” highlights the “charm” of a Spanish town

Spain attracts millions of tourists every year. A fact that prompts many media outlets to highlight the beauty of our country’s landscapes, towns, cities and monuments. On this occasion, the American newspaper publishedNew York Times” pointed to “charm” Sitge (Barcelona).

Through the title of the article that appears on their website, named after the Spanish coastal town that calls you again and again, they refer to the reason why visitors to this town come back every year. “It has 17 beaches and a quiet and timeless charmwhich attracts all kinds of visitors to come back year after year”, emphasized the first article written by journalist Alexander Lobrano about the town he visited for the first time 40 years ago.

About the modernist houses of the Barcelona people he also mentioned “an admirable way in which Catalan culture is receptive to creative anarchy“, as seen in the works of famous artists such as Antoni Gaudí, Salvador Dalí or even the chef Ferran Adrià. Likewise, he emphasized that Sitges is “a resource A Mediterranean beach that is for everyone’ and that charms all visitors thanks to ‘inclusion and equality’.

However, a reporter also referred to the “lanes”, where anyone can find “businesses that have disappeared in most other places” and the different beaches that the municipality has, especially Fragata beach “for sports fans” to others alike Bassa Rotunda among the busiest in town – Ribera or Sant Sebastiá.

Catalan municipality with the most blue flags

Located in the Garraf area, about 40 minutes from Barcelona. Added to all this are the cultural and leisure options available to residents and visiting tourists.

Some of the Sitges beaches are known for Blue flag among others for the quality of environmental management, water quality and coastal safety. Of all the ones it has, up to nine of them have this distinction, in particular Les Botigues, Garraf, Marina d’Aiguadolç, Balmins, San Sebastián, La Ribera, L’Estanyol, la Barra and Terramar, becoming so municipality of Catalonia with more blue flags.

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